Give Yourself A Fit & Attractive Body

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All of us want to look perfect, but in the world no one is perfect. Everyone has their own problems. We always judge people by their looks, so sometimes we lose our self confidence. All of us want to be a self dependent person but just for our body shapes does not present ourselves. So if you are searching for a fit & attractive body this article is for you.

Exercise is the best way to get a better body. Here are billions of people who change their looks by doing exercise. Exercise not only gives you an attractive body but also improves your health gives you a fit and healthy body.

Most of the people are going to the gym for chest workout. You look attractive by your chest and a strong pectoral muscle improves your posture, your strength in the back muscles, contributes upper body strength, your ability to push things and so on.

In this article we will discuss a chest workout plan which gives you a fit and attractive body.

  1. Train your chest 3-4 times in a week:

A higher frequency is more effective than lower frequency. That means you should exercise at least 2-3 times per week. For this you should use an upper or lower split, push/pull split, full body splint.

  1. Do minimum 2-3 chest exercise per workout

Doing any specific 2 or 3 exercise is better than doing every workout. It is better to do 1 exercise with a full body split, 2 with using lower/upper split and 3 or 4 exercises with push/pull legs split.

  1. Do50-150 reps for your chest per week

Rather than doing any excessive amount of reps, stick with 50-150 amount of reps in a week so you tend to the sweet spot. For example, if you are doing 2 chest workouts per week you should do 30-70 reps in each of those workouts.

  1. Most of time uses 5-15 rep range

Instead of doing continuously 8-10 reps it is better to do low to high rep range such as 5 to 15. It also generates 3 types of stimuli which signal muscle growth such as tension, damage and fatigue. And specifically you can use lower end that means 5- 8 reps for primary workout, middle (8-12 reps) for secondary and higher (12-15 reps) for isolation workouts.

  1. Rest 2-4 minutes between the sets

Rather than resting 1 minute after every set because it indicates the biggest chest pump possible rest for a longer period such as 2-4 minutes after every primary exercise. And rest 60-90 seconds after isolation exercise and 2 minutes for secondary exercise.

  1. Focus on progressive overload

Frequency, exercises, splits, reps, sets; rest periods are all important factors to get an effective and perfect workout. Progressive overload increases the demands of being placed on the body by getting stronger is the important factor over all the factors. So it is better to go to the gym with the intention of beating yourself rather than the previous time you do.

  1. Have a surety that your diets suits with your goal

With proper exercise you should have a proper diet plan which suits your goal. I mean your diet plan must contain high fiber, high protein and sufficient amounts of calories.

Some chest exercises

Cable crossover, push-ups, suspended push-ups, dumbbell bench press, barbell bench press, close grip bench press etc.


Overall 97% people in the world are not happy with their body. So if you look like a celeb and think to have that body then yes you can do it. Just have some patience, without giving up you can get the body you want. Just follow all the instruction, diet plans.