How The Bathroom Restaurant Must Look Like?


The best restaurant interior designs always include bathroom interior designs. For an excellent restaurant interior design in the UAE, you must plan excellent bathroom interiors. In restaurants, bathrooms, as opposed to the kitchen and seating area, typically take up the least amount of space. They do, however, have an impact on the restaurant’s reputation.

For a perfect bathroom, there are many major and minor things that you always have to keep in mind. The major things include the mirrors, bathroom accessories, and the color combination whereas the minors are toilet papers, knobs & handles and soap dispensers. Here we will provide you with some amazing best bathroom ideas and tips for restaurant interior design in UAE.


In restaurants, most people go to the bathroom to check themselves out, especially their hair. Bathroom mirror selfies are also trendy these days and that is one of the main reasons why bathroom mirrors usually leave a long-lasting impact on the customers. When doing the interiors of your restaurant bathroom, make sure to place a large, stylish, and quality mirror in the bathroom to make your customers happy. Moreover, large mirrors make the space look wide, open and bigger than it is.


To make the bathroom modern and up-to-date, the bathroom accessories must have to be modern and trendy. Water-efficient toilets are in trend especially for restaurant bathrooms because they are space-saving and help you save water as well. You are always free to use separate toilets and washbasins but make sure that the toilets match the washbasins.


Besides matching bathroom accessories, and bathroom walls and floor are vital for an impactful restaurant interior design in UAE. You can use white walls with a little touch of gold to give a luxurious look to your bathroom. Besides, white or light colors also give a wider look to space.


Some restaurants focus solely on the design and interiors of the restrooms, neglecting to provide sanitary products to their customers. All sanitary products, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap dispensers, and hand sanitizers, must be available in a bathroom. Don’t forget to put a trash can or two in your restaurant’s restroom.


Knobs and handles are the smallest things in a bathroom but if they are not working well, they can turn the customer’s bathroom experience into a nightmare quickly. Keep a check on the knobs, locks, and handles to ensure they’re working properly. The quality and material of knobs and handles are equally important to give a classy look to the restaurant interior design. Metal knobs including silver and bronze are trendy and appear very elegant.


Brass faucets and hardware look very dapper in combination with any color but if you’re using black bathroom accessories then they will enhance the look outstandingly. Try using water-efficient faucets and taps in restaurant interior design in UAE as they help saving water.


Prioritize the hygiene of the bathroom because no one likes an unhygienic or dirty bathroom. The bathrooms must be cleaned daily or multiple times a day according to the need. Train your cleaning staff for proper cleaning of bathroom and follow these main cleaning steps:

  • Mop bathroom and restroom floors
  • Clean the drainage system regularly
  • Wash off washbasins, faucets, and knobs
  • Clear and clean trash cans


Moreover, a few small pot plants on the countertop or at the corner of the basins will make the bathroom look nice and fresh. Install an automatic air-freshener in the bathroom to make the air fresh and smell nice. 


For a well-organized bathroom, it also must have to be well-planned. Bathroom interior designs have a huge impact on Interior design Dubai Companies. Follow the above-given tips and ideas for your restaurant bathroom and make it amazingly cool.