7 Things to Do in Newark with Kids


From the excellent restaurants, scenic parks, and great museums to music, theatre, and sports, Newark, NJ, presents lots to do and see. Visit the beautiful and grand museum in New Jersey, walk alongside the river in Newark Riverfront Park, discover the historic Ironbound neighborhood, and get your ears to feel soothed by the symphony concert. This list contains some wonderful restaurants and cafes serving delightful breakfast, lunch, and dinner with exotic flavors, including sushi, BBQ, burgers, and steaks. Listed below are the top things to do in Newark NJ. Make your reservations with Spirit Airlines Reservations to get exciting offers and visit this stunning city that will never fail to astonish the travelers!

Newark Museum

Founded in 1909, the Newark Museum is the biggest museum in New Jersey and is home to a collection of natural science exhibits and global art. Situated on Washington Street in downtown Newark, its collection includes works of decorative art, ancient art, and contemporary art from around the world.

Tell your young ones to touch the stars at the Planetarium. Get scrappy with clay and paint or imaginative with blocks and computer tools in MakerSPACE. Discover the galleries filled with pieces of history and works of art. There’s no better place for young learners than the Newark Museum.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park is on Brill street, which is south of the Passaic River, Newark’s Riverfront Park is a famous park that connects the area of Newark with the river. It’s a wonderful place to start sightseeing and a lot of people come to the park simply for enjoying a walk along the river. That’s not all though, the park also holds many activities and events such as Zumba and yoga classes. Maintained by the Trust for Public Land, the park is on a mission to connect people with the river and endorsing environmental awareness and physical health.

Recognized as Newark’s urban sanctuary by the river, Riverfront Park is also known for hosting a lot of free experiences for children all summer long. Enjoy dance events, play areas, kayaking, theatre, and movie nights under the summer sunlight, stars, and the moon.

Vonda’s Kitchen, Newark, NJ

Vonda works with resident cultivators in order to guarantee that all her ingredients are seasonal and garden-fresh. In addition to a huge burger loaded with barbecue sauce, cheddar cheese, and onions, the menu also has a turkey and veggie burger.

Military Park

This memorial was established by Gutzon Borglum who was also the sculptor of Mount Rushmore. There are numerous things to see and do in this park such as yoga, ping pong, lawn games, Zumba, and much more. Exclusive events include after-work music, piano music, and line dancing. For children, there are events such as “Story Time” and “Imagination Playground”. Every Saturday at Military Park around 3 to 4 pm, enjoy free kid-friendly arts and crafts events held by local artists. Relish the grand outdoors while doing crafts and community conversations. Don’t forget to take a ride on the carousel after!

Dinosaur BBQ, Newark, NJ

Dinosaur BBQ is a famous national chain of Southern barbecue restaurants formed by three Syracuse bikers in 1988. Its Newark restaurant is situated in the renowned Roehlich & Kohler Spirits & Fine Wines building, whose construction was finished as long back as 1890. The building experienced countless renovations and was also a boxing club for a short while. Today, kids will undoubtedly be excited to enjoy their sauce-smothered, slow-smoked, and finger-licking barbecued meats.

Branch Brook Park, Newark,

It is said that there are more than 4,300 trees in the area of the park called Cherry Blossom Land, where the park hosts a Cherry Blossom Festival every April that will leave children in awe. If the beautiful trees were not enough, there are sculptures, bridges, and lakes. The Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center features a game area, a café, and live DJs and it is also a well-known location for events such as birthday parties.

GRAMMY Museum Experience at Prudential Center

For an exceptional and inspirational experience, grab your kids and head to the GRAMMY Museum Experience, an interactive museum dedicated to the history and winners of the coveted GRAMMY Awards. Your whole family can listen to music, sing-along, dance as well as play instruments while getting to know about some of the most decorated entertainers of all time.

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