Top Best 5 Websites To Watch Anime Movie Online 2021!


Not only do the kids love to watch animated videos, but there is an extensive range of adults too who are fond of anime series. It is because of the fun and way of creating different actions of multiple characters and funny way of voice-overs. Apart from this, it also has a great impact on the audience by its unique content.

As we all know, many sites that are providing anime series on online platforms are illegal. Thus it becomes very tough to choose the right and safe one. Do not worry at all, as we are going to list the top Thewatcartoononline in 2021. Before starting the article, we want to share one thing, that the sites recommended by us are totally legal and didn’t hold any harmful content for both kids and adults.

Sites for Anime Movie Online 2021

  • Hulu Anime

Hulu is an American subscription platform that offers anime series on demand. It has a wide collection of anime movies and series in high-quality video format. There is no difficulty to access Hulu in the region of the US, UK, Europe, and some Asian countries. The good news is that it offers its monthly package for just $5.99. You may get some ad disturbance, but there is always a skip option. Moreover, safety and cost matter the most, and in this term, it is the most recommended platform always. 

  • Funimation Anime

Funimation is also owned by Sony and one of the most popular platforms to watch anime online. For the people of the US, it is the cheapest and greatest option for watching a wide range of horror, action, drama, and comedy anime and movies. It also has its mobile app, which allows users to enjoy their favorite shows anywhere, anytime. 

  • Chia-Anime

Chia may be a costly option, but if you are interested in watching the latest anime movies and series, then it is the best platform. The good thing is that all the latest videos are available in HD format Thewatchcartoon. Furthermore, it is the easiest site to stream anime online. 

  • Anime Planet

As per its name, it is the biggest planet of anime shows and movies. Anime planet is one of those best sites to watch anime online, which has more than 3000 live videos on their site. Maybe this is enough to describe that you are going to encounter a wide range of anime categorized movies and series here. Furthermore, it isn’t too costly as you can get a monthly subscription for just under $10.

  • Anime Heaven

All the anime lovers suppose this platform as their heaven because of its offer to download its videos free of cost in several video quality formats. Apart from this, it has more than 2600 live anime series of all genres, including horror, action, drama, thriller, and comedy. Without any doubt, we can consider it as the ideal platform to watch anime online.


  • Which is the safest site to watch anime online? 

This is one of the most important and common questions asked by anime lovers. It is important because, whatever you are browsing with anime, your government knows everything. Hence all sites listed in this article are the safest option, but still, we can suggest Funimation to our readers. 

  • Can we download anime videos?

Yes, of course, but not from all the sites. Some sites like crunchyroll, Funimation VRV, anime heaven, and anime-planet offers their audience to download their desired videos free of cost. Some websites charge some amount from their users while downloading the latest anime movies and series.


These are the top 5 Watchcartoononline website to watch anime online in 2021. We hope you have your desired one. Our team will love to read your valuable comments if you have liked our blog post.