Bollywood Comedy Movies: The Magic They Hold

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Comedy movies have a special place of their own and people love to have light entertainment once in a while. They help to refresh one’s mind and also help them to forget life stress and tensions. Some of the movies also have good storylines and the characters also play their part well. They also have the record of doing great in the box office as people love them and continue to watch them. There are times when we feel sad or want to pass the time by watching a good movie. With the widespread use of the internet one can watch the movie on a social media platform like Facebook or if one has the problem of slow connectivity one can download the same using Vidmate. Comedy movies can provide with that and can also be a booster for your mood. Here is a list of the top 5 Bollywood comedy movies of all time to watch.

GolMal (1979)

It is considered one of the best movies made in Bollywood. It was loved by all and even critics acclaim this to be a great movie. It is considered a timeless masterpiece and UtpalDutt’s laughter has left a mark in everybody’s mind. The movie revolves around the job hunt and the confusion it created. People continue to watch this movie to have a light mood.

MunnaBhai movie series

This is another movie series that was loved and acclaimed by critics. The movies with a simple message of kindness and love touched people’s mind and hearts. People continue to watch the movies and love the theme behind them. Gandhigiri in the movie is explained in simple terms and the role of the circuit is also loved by all.

Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri is the remake of the Ramji Rao speaking Malayalam movie. It has turned into a classic and movie lovers continue to watch this movie. The movie is about three people who get entangled in their problems and get involved in the kidnapping. 

3 idiots

3 idiots arebased on the book Five point someone by Chetan Bhagat. The movie is based on their friends who were in the best engineering college and get in different directions in life. They get back together in search of their friend.

Vicky Donor

Vicky Donor is another movie which is liked by all. It features the versatile actor Ayushman Khurana. He acts as a sperm donor and this sensitive subject is shown comically. That’s the magic of the movie. He is chosen by the doctor as a potential sperm donor for his fertility clinic.Comic movies have great power in showing difficult situations wonderfully. The ability to put in sensitive situations comically is a great way of putting your views public. In these stressful times, there are moments when we require a good movie and these comedy movies with substance can provide us with answers. There are apps like Vidmate app which can help one to download different movies for free. Thus, entertainment is now available to everyone at the fingertips.