Surprise Your Husband with the Best News and Cakes


Are you feeling out of the world? Is there is no end to your happiness? Aren’t you feeling like flying in the air and celebrating your happiness to the world? Well, probably these are some of the questions you will come across when you receive the best news from your doctor. You must have guessed by now that you are pregnant with your child and wish to inform the very first person and important person of your life that is your husband. You want to share this news with your husband which has made your day memorable and remarkable but at the same time, a thought comes across to your mind that you should surprise your husband and celebrate it together. Here are some of the trendy and cool cakes ideas which you can arrange to surprise your husband:

The Notebook Cake

When you receive the best news of your life, you feel like announcing it to the whole world but the first person who has the right to know about this news is your soulmate who has made every moment of your life memorable and special.  You can order this beautiful cake which is in the shape of a notebook and on it place a perfect tagline to reveal this news to your husband. The cake has 2-3 layers and with its fine texture and design, it will capture the heart of your husband. Adorn this beautiful cake with vanilla and chocolate syrup and make your day with your husband delightful and exceptional. You can order cake online Delhi to get it delivered on the same day so that your surprise won’t get ruined. 

Chocolate Brownie 

After receiving the world’s best news, it’s time to celebrate it with your husband in its full zeal and energy. If you have a shortage of time in your hand, you can order chocolate brownies to be delivered on the same day. You can decorate the table with flowers, balloons and place this cute yet alluring cake in the middle of the table. Along with this, you can add a  short yet cute tagline for your husband to unravel the main surprise and cherish the moment of love with him. Celebrate your love and togetherness and welcome the little bundle of your joy with this delicious chocolate brownie.

Baked Cheese Cakes

On receiving the best news of your life, you probably must be jumping on your bed out of excitement. Wish to share your happiness with your husband. So what’s better than cooking a cake for your dear husband. Yes, you heard it right to share the happiest moment of your life with your husband. You should bake this simple yet attractive cheesecake. The mixture of oreo cookies, strawberries, white chocolate and dark chocolate will bring the fine texture of your cake. You can festoon your cake with a cute quotation and enjoy its mouth-watering flavour with your husband.

Rasmalai Cake

To share the good news with your husband and to make your day extra special. You must try something new to surprise your loving husband. You should order the ras malai cake from the famous bakery shop as the shop now accepts cake delivery in indore or you can bake it at your home. To give a subtle look, you can adorn it with the favourite french macarons,  Enjoy your moment with your husband.

Rainbow Cream Cakes

Try this Rainbow Cream Cake to share your happiness with your husband. Give a reveal the best news of your life to him. Celebrate your mommy-daddy phrase with this stylish cake filled with seven colours of the rainbow. Also Raise a toast to your happiness. This exotic cream cake filled with mouth-watering candies and gems will enhance the flavour of the cake. Also increase your hunger for it. If your husband is away from you and you can’t share this best news with him, then you can arrange this mouth-watering cake and send cake online to share the world’s best news with him.

Try these beautiful yet mouth-watering cakes to share your loveliest moment with your husband.