SPF Cream And Lip Scrub: Major Must-Haves In Ultimate Skincare Routine

SPF Cream And Lip Scrub

With summer just around the corner comes the most sought-after answer to the question: How to get plump and beautiful lips with radiant skin. The answer lies in what efforts you take to maintain the glow and radiance in your skin.

A good skincare routine doesn’t include moisturizing and washing the face every night. It is much more than that. Scorching heat, pollution, lifestyle choice, food options, and increased stress are all the contributing factors to dull your skin. Incorporating a good lip scrub and sunscreen is very crucial nowadays.

MUST-HAVE beauty essential- Sunscreen: Best SPF Cream to Pick

SPF is your BFF, even when you are staying indoors!

Your summer outfits, adorable tank tops, and cute mom shorts would bless you for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. As lockdown loosens up, one is expected to travel more, visit beaches, and go camping. Thus, incorporating sunscreen for women into your daily skincare routine would act as a shield from free radical damage, tanning, and excessive patchy skin.

The beauty and cosmetic industry are brimming with tons of products, and picking the suitable one for you can be an arduous task. But not when you are ready with research and facts. Some key ingredients to consider before picking a suitable sunscreen –

  • Jojoba Oil -Jojoba oil is extremely rich in anti-inflammatory properties and provides natural moisturizing. As the best sunscreen ingredient, it contains myristic acid, responsible for an SPF rating of 4.
  • Vitamins -SPF cream loaded with vitamins is the best cream one can pick! Vitamin-A, K, and C, and minerals like potassium, zinc, and magnesium are responsible for consistently maintaining the skin moisture and keeping it healthy. Moreover, Vitamin-E is a pretty good ingredient that protects our skin against sun damage and maintains the texture.

Other crucial ingredients are aloe-vera, saffron, and licorice, as they are rich in antioxidants. Result? Nourished skin!

Best Version of Your Lips: Lip Scrub- Dewy and Supple Lips After One-time Apply

Lip Scrubs are two-in-one products with moisturizing agents to make your skin plump, and exfoliating agents remove the dry and dead skin layer for pink and lustrous lips.

If you suffer from cracked and dried lips all the time, the best lip scrub, which is a combination of herbal and natural components, is your best bet solution.

With the bestlip scrub, you are ready to sing a farewell song to rough, dark, chapped, and tanned lips. Top 3 Benefits of Lip Scrub-

  • The stigma that lip scrubs are products specially designed for females is false. Lips scrubs are a unisexual product that caters to the needs of lips. Glowing, lustrous pink lips at one time apply!
  • Lip scrubs melt on the lips as soon as one applies and rub slightly with fingertips. It provides a light stunning pink tint to the lips automatically. Without using any lip gloss and lipstick, one gets the dewy supple texture.

If minimalistic and unpretentious is your go-to style, lip scrubs are ideal products for you. Packed with natural ingredients like a walnut shell, brown sugar, essential oils, and kinds of butter for ultimate moisturization, they give you perfect lips.