How to Plan Your Wedding Sitting Charts for Giving Everyone the Place of Honor?

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If you are a fan of pop culture, then you surely would have watched Friends several times and were thrilled for the wedding of Monica and Chandler. Do you remember how meticulously Monica was planning the sitting arrangement with cute little blue and red tiny flags as marking where the guests would sit? Even Rachel and Joey didn’t dare to change it even a little bit! So, maybe you are not as obsesses as Monica, but surely, you want to make your guests feel comfortable while sitting and give them the best view while you enjoy your dance and toasts with the love of your life! For that having the right sitting chart arrangement is necessary.

Why Wedding Sitting Chart is Necessary?

Often overlooked or done at the final hours, wedding sitting charts are crucial, now more than ever. Given the global pandemic and the social distancing protocol in place, you must make sure your guests can sit comfortably without risking each other. Also, it will help the staff of the reception halls in Houston more as now buffet is not an option and seated dinner arrangement is the way to go for. So, how can you plan it? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Decide the Shape of the Table

When you are booking one of the banquet halls in Houston check the shapes of tables you are getting. The common shapes will be round, square, or rectangle. While the round table is the most traditional option offering the guests enough legroom, rectangular ones can be good for intimate ceremonies.

Think of the Hall

When you are searching for banquet halls for rent near me, you might stumble across different options like Azul Reception Hall and many other halls. In halls like these, you can get an elevated seating area for VIP guests too. So, plan your sitting chart keeping this option in mind. While booking the hall, make sure that this area gets the perfect view of the ceremony and the celebration.

Place Your Wedding Party at the Right Table

Your wedding party is practically the gang of your best friends. They have been surely an important part of your journey. You must have discussed this wedding from the proposal to the time you get married to them for the umpteenth times. They have been with you all along, to try out dresses, to pick the invitation cards, to register for gifts and to choose the cake. So, give them their place of pride. Choose a table where your friends can sit all together enjoying every moment of your special day. Two things you need to remember here. Your friends might click some gorgeous pictures of the whole event. Surely this table should get the optimum view of the hall. Also, they are here to dance out the whole night with you. So, the table should be near the dance floor too.

Figure Out Where Your Parents Would Sit

Traditionally, the parents of both bride and groom should sit at the same table with the grandparents and siblings who are not part of the wedding party. So, plan this way and give all of them a chance to mingle with each other and be a part of your joyous celebration. Also, keep in mind that this is the table where most of the toasts will raised. So, make sure this should be visible from every corner of the hall. If you are choosing one rectangular long table, you can make them sit opposite to each other.

Consider Having a Separate Kids Table

This is a very serious consideration to make when you are planning your sitting chart. The kids’ table should be separate where they can mingle with the group of the same age. Keep engaging activities on the table to keep them occupied. Make sure that the table is not too far from their parents’ tables as young kids might get anxious if they can’t find their parents.


One important consideration you need to make is about your guests who are wheelchair-bound or have limited mobility. Make sure their table doesn’t consist of too many people as they will need more legroom. Also, keep this table at one side of the hall so that maneuvering doesn’t seem to be difficult. Assign help for this table.

So, now as you know how you can plan your sitting chart at your wedding, what are you waiting for? Find the right venue that offers tables with table linens, centerpieces and China and silverware perfectly matched for your wedding theme.