7 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Bad LDL Cholesterol


There is a waxy substance in your body that is produced by the liver known as cholesterol. Eating the products of the animal also increases the cholesterol level, such as eggs, dairy, etc.

People who eat a large amount of saturated fat and sugars are at high risk of developing high cholesterol levels. Cholesterol has different types, including good HDL and bad LDL cholesterol.

High cholesterol levels put people at risk of stroke and heart diseases. Bad cholesterol sticks inside the walls of the blood vessels and clogs them.

According to one of the best endocrinologists in Rawalpindi, many young adults also suffer from high cholesterol levels because of some poor lifestyles. Processed foods and excessive saturated fat have also raised the number of young people who are living with heart diseases.

Here, we have come with some effective tips to control cholesterol levels.

Learn Tips to Control Cholesterol

Cook Your Food Using Herbs

Studies reveal that spices and herbs are highly rich in minerals and vitamins. In Asia, people use spices and herbs commonly while cooking food. They are packed with antioxidant properties that help to lower the cholesterol level. If you also want to control your cholesterol level, eat one garlic clove for 3 Months. You can use dry herbs too if you can’t find the fresh ones because they also work as antioxidants.

Workout on Most Days

If we ask our children to go outside, they prefer to use their tablets instead of enjoying physical activities. Digital devices replaced physical activities for everyone. You need to consider physical activities to improve your cholesterol. Exercise or walk after a few minutes of every meal can help you deal with overweight issues. Choosing your favorite sport to play or buy a bike to nearby grocery stores can help you deal with obesity issues because it is like a root to develop many health issues.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

If you carry some extra pounds, you should consider this situation alarming. We have discussed how obesity can develop high cholesterol levels. Physical inactivity and poor diet plan can harm our metabolism. No matter what you drink Sugary beverages or air-popped popcorn, extra pounds can develop various health problems. When you crave something, count the calories.

Cut Back on Red Meat

Red meat is high in saturated fat and cholesterol. You can buy a low-fat meat cut that can fill your craving and also help you to maintain your cholesterol level. High-level cholesterol leads to diabetes and heart diseases. You and your loved ones should learn that processed meat can increase the chances of heart disease.

Why not Green Tea

To manage the bad LDL cholesterol level in your body, you should drink green tea. Studies reveal it has properties to remove the LDL cholesterol level from the bloodstream. Green tea is made up of dry leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant. A cup of green tea lowers the 20 percent chance of a heart attack.

Quit Smoking

People who smoke are at high risk of developing LDL cholesterol levels and many health issues. Dialectologists always suggest avoiding smoking for people who have diabetes. When a person quits smoking, it improves the HDL cholesterol and starts to recover heart issues. After 3 Months of smoking quitting, blood flow begins to improve, and your lungs return to their healthy function track.

Cholesterol-Lowering Supplements

Doctors often suggest taking some supplements to control the cholesterol level naturally. Psyllium husk is rich in fiber and can be taken with water to lower the cholesterol level. Niacin lowers the LDL cholesterol level but is not recommended for everyone as it can cause some serious side effects.

Final Thoughts

When I visited the pain clinic in Rawalpindi, a doctor shared that people should include physical activity to avoid obesity issues. Overweight is the cause of many health issues plus leads to developing bad LDL cholesterol levels in the body.