Dayara Bugyal Trek – Full Guide 2021


One of the biggest treks surrounded by snow, that when you start your trekking journey there is no end of the white path. It has the biggest snow expanse which makes it wider. And when you reach the top highest peak you see a sight of Mt Bandarpoonch and Balck peek at a height of 21,000 feet over Dayra. And why you should go on this trek is the only reason that you get to see the snow region in the mountains of Garhwal which include Mt Srikanth, Draupadi ka danda and Mt Jaunli. And not only the mountains but also when you climb to the highest you get to see the entire natural beauty around which will lustre you and leave you with no regrets. It is a unique vast landscape where you can find the true essence of life. 

What you will get to see:

The bug mountains over the meadows of Dayara is what you will explore. You will find meadows everywhere where the grass looks golden shining with the beauties of the mountains. Snowy flanks of Mt Bandarpoonch where the view looks omniscient. 

The vastness of the meadows when you  reach over the mountains and there is no end is what captures you the most. And not only this when you climb the second and third hillock you will see the endless sights of meadows and you will not believe that this natural beauty exists. 

Next you will be seeing the biodiversity and richness of forests. The trail in the forest cover is after moving from the base camp is what you will explore. The chirping of birds which will make you serene from inside and will definitely gonna capture your heart. 

The campsite site near Gui, chilpada or Barnala will attract your attention as you see the top of the mountains in front of you. And you will be in love with the trekking journey as you see the unleashing beauties of mountain clearings. 

Best time to do the trek:

Ideally Dayara trek can be done in any season except monsoon. If you plan to trek in winters you will see the vastness of snow, the mountains changing colours when draped with snow and the snowy flakes pondered over the pine trees. But you need to ensure that the difficulty level arises during winters so prepare well before going for trekking. 

In the spring season which is from mid march to April you will find that the snow melts and the grass turns green at the meadows. While spring can also be the great time to see the colour patterns on the meadows and the snow. 

In summer you see the brightening green meadows and you will feel the fragrance in summers over the oak trees. So you will not face much difficulty during summers. Take your family there and enjoy the sunrise over the mountains. 

The sky looks even more clearier in autumn and you get to see the sharp mountain sights. The magnificent Gangotri mountain and the Bandarpoonch where golden meadows are popping out is what you experience in Dayara Bugyal trek. Also during autumn there is an absolute uproar of colours where maple turns into red leaves which is the view to behold within you. 

Difficulty level: 

Though it is an easy moderate trek, it sets a very high altitude so the difficulty level arises. The couple of sections are challenging in this trek. So here are some pointers to keep in mind before trekking to Dayara Bugyal: 

You need to have proper training sessions that will check your endurance and strength. There are two sections where you will face difficulty. First, the basecamp to forest area as it is 1km steep and will check your stamina therefore. Second is the climb to the top of Dayara Bugyal as it is more steeper and snowy. Also during winters it becomes a lot challenging for you to climb over snow mountains. 

Note- don’t start your trek in the early morning as the snow gets even harder and frozen overnight. So trek during the mid evening or so. 

Wear your microspikes when climbing to the steeper sections of snow to prevent any kind of injuries. 

There are chances that you can catch mountain sickness as Dayara Bugyal mountain is set at a high altitude so don’t forget to carry the prescribed medicines for that. The symptoms you might suffer are persistent headaches, fatigue or feeling dizzy. Also there are some exit points on Dayara Bugyal treks so if you feel like an emergency then drive from Raithal or Barsu. 

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