About Lohagad Fort


Lohagad Fort lies above a beautiful hill about 50 km far from Pune, snuggling at a rising height of 3,400 feet above the ground. Built-in the 18th century, this elegant fort showcases a unique blend of old and picturesque landscapes.

Once at the fort, you can spot Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s profound history by making the use of this building to safeguard all of his treasures. The proximity of Pune and Mumbai that attracts visitors all year long is another major aspect of this place.

The climb to the fort is quite easy and can be completed in a couple of hours. This imposing structure of the Empire of Maratha, connected with the fortress of Visapur, is one of the region’s best mountain fortresses. This website is worth it, regardless of whether you are looking for a weekend break or an adventurous escapade.

How to Reach Lohagad Fort

By train: It is quite easy to reach Lohagad Fort from Pune and Mumbai by train as you can take a train from Lonavala to Malavli. The fort is 5 km from here and a shared car or taxi can be booked at the base.

By bus: there are no direct buses from Pune to Lohagad Fort and you must take a bus to Lonavala. Then in 1 hour, you can take a private taxi or cab to the Lohagad Wadi village.

By air: Lohagad has no airport, and Pune airport is 65 km from the fort, the nearest airport. You can book a private taxi or taxi from here for about 3 hours to the fort of Lohagad or reach the station of Malavli.

Best Time to Visit Lohagad Fort

Summer: From March to June in the summer months, the temperature bar varies from 23° to 29°.

Monsoon: Monsoons and the surroundings are revived in the months from July to August. These are not the preferred hiking months, as the roads are slippery. But you are welcome with fresh soothing vibes and wonderful views if you can ensure firm steps.

The best time to visit: from June to February, the best time you want to visit Lohagad Fort is because the temperature ranges from 15 to 22°C, making it a great place to walk.

What Not to Miss at Lohagad Fort

Della Adventure Park: Have fun in a Della Adventure Park with your loved ones, offering visitors a variety of fun and entertainment areas. Lounges, restaurants, roller coaster rides and a host of other things make your day a memorable one.

Narayani Dham Temple: Built-in 2002, this is one of Dhankawadi’s serene temples. The temple is devoted to Narayani Goddess and people come to her to seek blessings from different regions.

Celebrity Wax Museum: The famous Wax Museum is the perfect place for your fun and your favorite celebrities to have some selfies. Local artists produce the statues and its artworks are world-famous.

Caves of Bhaja: This cave is a cluster of 22-rock cut groves built in the 2nd century that make history lovers enjoyable. This place is a perfect example of peace and urbanisation.

Things to do around Lohagad Fort

Korigad Fort Trekking: Walk to the 929-meter height of Korigad fort, take a look at the rich ghats and gain a close look at the legacy of the Shivaji.

Enjoy a view of Lion’s Point: this is one of the region’s majestic points and overlooks the Shiva summit. If you’re a lover of the nature, this is a treasure trove of natural wonders for you.

Pawna Lake Campsites: Pawna Lake is one of the trending campsites in Pawna Lake, the famous artificial lake campsite. Not only can you enjoy the breath-dropping views here, but you can also camp under the starry sky.

Trace the highs of Lohagad Fort and take a closer look at the culture of Shivaji time. Trekking to Lohagad Fort. There are nearly 300 stairs and for this experience, you will need half a day.

Other Information Essential About Lohagad Fort

Mobile Connectivity: At the top of Lohagad Fort, mobile connectivity is moderate as essential connectivity can be expected, but not high-speed internet.

ATMs: No  ATMs are near Fort Lohagad and Lonavala will have to be reached, since it is the nearest ATM destination.

Food Joints: At the fort and on the base there are no food joints, and so you need to make sure they are filled with enough packaged food for your trek.

Minimum duration for Lohagad Fort: The duration of the 2-way trek is 4 hours because the steps are between 250 and 300. The distance of the trek is 10 km, and you can enjoy a wonderful day out.

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