Why has Environmental Studies become Need of the Hour

B.A. Hons Environmental Studies

You already know that the trees are being cut globally, but how fast is the question. On average, trees grown in an area equal to 28 million hectares are being cut every year. That is to say, every time the second hand of the clock ticks, trees are grown in a land equal to one football field is lost. Loss of trees is the primary reason for environmental damage.

We live in an industrialised era; these industries ran even during the lockdowns imposed due to COVID-19. These industries produce a ton of toxins. Every component we intake, be it air, water or food, are contaminated accounting for industrial activities.

Deforestation, Climate Change, Industrialization, Rise in Sea levels, Ozone Layer Depletion, Poaching, Increase in Population, Oil Spills, etc. are leading to environmental hazards. Environmental studies help minimise such problems. Environmental degradation has become a severe problem for human existence. Environmental studies comprise educating people to preserve the quality of the environment. Thus, environmental studies have become the need of the hour.

Need for Environmental Awareness

Human well-being is directly dependent on the health status of natural resources. Without natural resources, human life is at stake. It is high time we think about the balance in the environment. Development of interest, attitudes and values towards the environment is of vital significance. Hence, educating individuals regarding the environment is the cornerstone of environmental awareness.

Increasing population, urbanisation and poverty have pressurised the natural resources and led to a degradation of the environment. To prevent the environment from further degradation, many government schemes have been launched for protection awareness through government and non-government agencies towards protecting our environment.

Laws and schemes alone cannot prevent environmental pollution. Public participation in a country having the highest population density is equally essential. Both informal and formal education on the environment will provide the knowledge, skills, and tools required to face environmental challenges at local and global levels.

Knowledge of environmental science can be used to educate individuals about the challenges faced in the current scenario and the problems faced by future generations. Besides understanding environmental studies, multimedia can be used to impart information via advertisements, feature films, group discussion, video conferencing, and internet services.

Awareness campaigns also play a role in displaying posters at prominent places, face to face interactions, and SMS/e-mail service throughout the country.

Besides mass awareness efforts, individual actions can also inspire the masses. Therefore, individuals can indulge in several activities to improve the environment. Additionally, socio-political movement, environmentalism, etc., can have a significant effect to save the ecosystem.

Why Environmental Studies?

Leading a life after getting a formal or informal education in environmental studies can help in several aspects to save the world. You can help improve the air we breathe, the quality of the water we drink, etc. Here are the other elements with the scope of improvement after getting an education in environmental studies.

  1. We shall move towards the adoption of the idea of – development without destructing the environment.
  2. We get knowledge about different types of environment and the hazards.
  3. It will lead to a positive impact on the quality of life we live.
  4. We shall be playing an effective yet efficient role in environmental protection by demanding changes in the system.
  5. We can create a concert and respect for the environment.


Accept it or not, there are direct and indirect links between human activities and environmental hazards. Loss of habitats and poaching of wildlife is a common thing now. One or the other day, you get to read the news on how a wild animal entered the city. It is high time now we move towards educating ourselves about environmental awareness. Formal education starts with pursuing a BA Honours in Environmental Studies after 12th. However, we do not require formal education to save our environment. Change towards our day to day activities can also help. Thus, better change today than die tomorrow.