Wedding Bands New Haven CT


If you are living in the New Haven, CT area and are looking for a jeweler, Diamond Designs is certainly the place for you! They specialize in jewelry design for major brands including Gabriel and Company and Ritani. Their staff is up for any job and any challenge it may face! They love taking on the most difficult jobs as they pride themselves as being some of the best jewelry employees around. It is because of their knowledge and love for elegant and personal jewelry as well as the art of jewelry design that has kept so many old customers around. Their passion and love for jewelry, especially wedding bands drives them to give their customers the best that they ask for. The customers love coming back to the store and receiving nothing but the best. Regarding wedding bands, the selection is massive when it comes to style, as well as precious metal. Ranging from Simon G. to Ritani to Triton to Lashbrook, you name it and they got it. They can design wedding bands to your exact specifications! Customers always feel at home when entering the store because of our welcoming atmosphere. The staffers there always give customers top of the line attention to detail and their best work. There is no doubt when customers leave the store that they can tell the intricate detail that has gone into designing their wedding band. Staffers there take the time they need in order to make customers’ jewelry the best it can be. They want to take care of your jewelry as if it is our own. While Diamond Designs does give a second to none jewelry buying experience, they are always reasonable in their estimates, never requiring the customer to commit to any job. However, Diamond Designs wants their customers to feel as comfortable as possible as they give reasonable estimates no matter what, never requiring the customer to commit to any job. They only want the best for their customers as well as their jewelry since they are what run this shop. They take pride in any wedding band project. Make them your New Haven jeweler for wedding bands!

 watch repair orange 

The best watch repair service in all of New Haven County is through Diamond Designs. With zero doubt, this jewelry store has one of the most loyal group of customers out there! The small business’s watch repair is timely and is always done to perfection. Through experienced staff members precision, each watch is carefully handled, treated, and is always fixed up to perfection. The store can fix a number of watch brands and can help anybody that needs a watch to be fixed. Their customers always go to Diamond Designs to get their watches repaired. Diamond Designs has the best watch repair in all of New Haven County. Their service is exquisite and is valued by loyal returning customers. They also sell watches both new and pre-owned. Any task put in front of the employees at Diamond Designs, they will always do to the best of their ability and beyond. The repair on any watch a customer brings to them is always timely and is always completed to perfection. Diamond Designs cares about the customer satisfaction and always takes the best care in their customers and their items. The experienced staff at Diamond Designs allows them to complete these services on time. Many loyal customers go to Diamond Designs to have their watches be repaired when they need to be fixed. This small business offers a unique customer experience and always makes the customer feel valued and comfortable during the period of which the watches and jewelry are being fixed. All watches that are fixed at Diamond Designs always go back to the customer looking more timeless than ever. Diamond Designs also sells watches both new and pre-owned. Diamond Designs has the best and most superior watch repair service in southern connecticut. Their dedication in customer service makes them stand out compared to other businesses. All in all, Diamond Designs will take care of you and the watches you need repaired.