Umrah Packages in 2025 to Enrich Your Soul

Umrah Packages in 2025 to Enrich Your Soul

Muslims from all over the world, feel excited when they travel to Saudi Arabia to perform an Umrah. They feel divine power and mental peace while they perform Umrah. This is not only a holy journey for Muslims where they have to perform some Islamic rituals, but this is a journey of meeting their Lord who created them and provided them countless blessings.

Are you planning to fulfill your holy wish this year? Imagine the peaceful atmosphere of Makkah and Medina, the sound of the call to prayer, and the chance to grow your spiritual link with Allah like never before. The blessings of Allah and the opportunity to offer prayers in Makkah and Medina are waiting for you. Let’s look into all the options and find the most interesting Umrah packages of 2025 before you pack your bags and leave on this holy journey.

Types of packages

There are mainly three types of packages when it comes to planning for Umrah packages in 2025. The first one is a group tour that is on a sharing basis. In this arrangement, the hotels may be up to 3 stars but the rooms are shared by up to 6 people. The transportation and food arrangements are also in sharing which reduces the cost of performing Umrah. The second option is the 3-star Umrah package. In this package, the accommodation is 3 stars and on an individual basis. The most expensive package is 5 star which comes with luxury accommodation right next to the Haram and executive transport and food options.

VIP Umrah Packages

There are VIP Umrah Packages in 2025 Ramadan that include 5-star lodging in both Makkah and Medina. These packages give a luxury experience. Both the Fairmount Clock Tower Hotel in Makkah and the Shaza Al Madinah Hotel in Medina offer free breakfast. These hotels are located right next to the Haram, which makes them the best options for visitors to get to the Haram with just a click of a button of a life.

This package comes with a 7-day VVIP Umrah choice that includes 4 nights in Makkah and 2 nights in Medina. The price is approximately $1867 for two people, $1728 for three people, and $1573 for four people. There are also a 10-day 5-star VIP Umrah Package and a 14-day 5-star Standard Package, with different duration of time and lodging.

Executive Packages for Umrah 2024

The 4 Star Executive Umrah Package includes stays at the Pullman Zamzam, Swissotel, or Movenpick in Makkah and the Millennium Al Aqeeq, Al Haram, or Dallah Taibah in Madina. These hotels offer a good mix of comfort and cost. These hotels are either right next to Haram or only 50 meters away and serve complimentary buffet breakfasts every morning.

The duration of your stay will change the prices of the packages you select. For example, a 10-day Umrah Package costs approximately $472 for two people, $448 for three people, and $416 for four people. The same is true for the 15-day and 12-day deals, the more you stay, the more you will pay.

Economy Umrah Packages 2024

The Economy Umrah Package is made for visitors who have a comparatively low budget. It includes stays at 4-star hotels like M Millennium Makkah and the 3-star Burj Mawaddah in Makkah and Medina, respectively. These places are a bit far away, but there are bus services in Makkah. In these Umrah packages, you can stay from 14 to 28 days. Prices of these Umrah packages start at $180 for a 14-day Umrah with two people sharing and go up to $240 for a 28-day Umrah with two people sharing.

Cheap Umrah Packages 2024

For those looking for a cheaper choice, the 3 Star Umrah Standard Package includes stays at hotels like Al Thuriya Hotel or the Grand Mawasim in Makkah, which are 100 to 300 meters away, and the duration of stay of these packages vary from 10 to 20 days. A 10-day Umrah with two people sharing a room costs approximately $205, and a 20-day Umrah with two people sharing a room costs $264.

Airfare is not included in these prices. Different flights have different ticket prices, so you can choose the flight and airfare according to your choice.

 Cheap Umrah packages and how to find them

There are a few ways you can save money if you want to go to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. A travel expert can help you find the best deals on Umrah trips in 2025. Travel planners can look at a lot of deals to find you the cheapest one based on the options you give them. They can help you plan your whole Umrah tour so that you can have a great time in Saudi Arabia.

If you plan your trip early, you can save even more money on an Umrah trip. You might save as much as 50% if you book your travel and lodging early. It’s essential to check with each company before booking a tour since many of them have special deals for people who travel during specific months like Ramadan.

No matter what you do to plan your Umrah holiday in 2025, remember how important it is to spend your money carefully. When pilgrims come to Saudi Arabia, they often go to a lot of holy places, which can affect their money if they don’t plan their budgets well. The trips are not only reasonably priced, but they are also very worthwhile if you plan and know what services and sights you want to see while you are on the Umrah journey.


The three fixed expenses of the Umrah package in 2025 will remain the same and they are visa fee, accommodation, and airfare charges. The rest can vary according to the budget of the pilgrims. It is wise to plan your Umrah ahead of time so you can do proper research when it comes to selecting the right package and your activities and expenses when you reach there.