Top web-hosting platforms to start your blogging site

start your blogging site


Blogging has emerged as the most lucrative platform from where you can earn money without much effort and expertise. All you need is a creative mind with good English.

eNeeds can help you out in writing the best-in-class blog strategies that not only bestow with how to create a blog for free but also educate its clients about the affiliate programs for beginners. It is now every person’s vision to start their first blogging site to let them earn fame.

 What is web-hosting?

But before starting any website (not limited only to blogging sites), you require web-hosting. Web hosting is simply a space offered by the hosting provider to let the user create their website.

It is analogous to the property or land that we buy. It then depends on us, whether we need to put it on rent or sell it again at a heavy amount. Web hosting is the same thing. From the web, you can buy space to kickstart your site, or then you can sell it to another user at higher rates.

Top recommending web hosting provider for your blogging site

Below I have listed certain top web-hosting platforms in 2021 that will come in handy for your blogging site to make your blogging more enjoyable and fun.

  • Namecheap- the best part about the Namecheap that it has absolutely no hidden charges and free hosting migrations. To start your blogging site, the best thing is to buy a web hosting platform that offers reliable and affordable. Also, that can speed up your site performance. And Namecheap fulfills all those criteria. Plus, if you require any kind of assistance then 24*7 chatting assistance is provided at their site from where you can sort out your query free-of-cost.


  • Bluehost- One of the most popular web hosting platforms on my list is Bluehost. It is one such platform that not only endow its clients with an ideal WordPress solution but the offer is fast and secure.

Not only this, it provides a free domain for the first year with a free SSL certificate included and free premium Cloudflare CDN. You are also entitled to a 1-click WordPress install. The prices are pocket-friendly and offer high security to its clients worldwide. It has stunning website templates and themes to make your website stands out in the global market.

Through Bluehost, you can customize according to your creativity. It also maximizes your site performance without compromising on its quality.


  • GoDaddy- the world’s largest and trusted web-hosting provider that empowers its clients with everything they require. From maximizing the performance to letting your business grow.

GoDaddy is a way to go, letting each of its clients with intense domain search tools and a domain name generator where you can check out your domain power and accessibility helping its clients to look for the best-in-class domain name. It is also one of the oldest web hosting providers in the world.

Not only this, it provides the free professional e-mail with every one-year subscription booming your profile using that professional e-mail system.

  • Hostinger- yet another web hosting platform.Started as a perfect web hosting platform from the very beginning in 2004, now grew immense in recent years letting each of its clients create their site for free hence one of the most affordable web hosts out there.

Starting at a rock bottom price of 0.99$, its popularity can be estimated from the fact that it has over 29 million users in all countries around the world with the premium web-hosting platform. But don’t simply go through its cheap price, the quality is equally good and best-in-market.

  • Hostgator- yet another web host that caters to small businesses’ needs. Highly suitable for beginner clients who don’t require complex websites. Though it doesn’t have support for all its plans yet it is cheap and highly reliable where you don’t require much support.

It also offers a lot of upgrade options in addition to Linux including cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress, and a dedicated server. Highly suitable for all the clients who don’t see a ton of visitors on their sites. However, with the VPS option, you can intensify your needs.

  • Siteground- if you are concerned with the best web hosting provider that offers world-class customer support then site ground is for you. It comes with two top web-host that other web hosts don’t have. One is the rapid fan base and another one is the glowing reviews.

It comes in the list of the top three web hosting providers of WordPress. The best part about site ground is their ability to shared web hosting. Highly secured services provide deploying new updates to keep them running on the way.

One of the prime things is their 24*7 customer service provider offering high intensity of support for its clients. But on the other hand, it has a certain down head that is for introductory pricings, its plan increases a bit.

It is highly perfect for all the clients willing to expand their businesses to another scale.

  • WP Engine- one in the list of WordPress’s top three web hosting platforms, the wp engine has emerged as highly suitable for all the clients who don’t want to spend hefty money in buying web hosting. As it offers four months of free web hosting including daily backup and malware scanning plus outstanding customer support.

Price starting at $30 per month boosts excellent uptime and daily backups and real-time threat detection and cloud platform stability. It uses the appropriate control panel. In few words to describe the WP engine then it’s cheap yet powerful.

Final say

Concluding the entire content, in brief, it’s worth saying that while if you go through the internet, you will find a ton of web hosting platforms that offer power maximization at affordable rates but at the expense of quality. These web hosting platforms are so advance that they can be used for any beginner whose main motto is to start their blogging site without needing much technical knowledge.

Thanks for your time out in reading the entire. Hope you found it interesting and worthy. Do share and let online businesses be a part of everyone’s life.