Top 7 Tourist Attractions in Jackson Hole?


At the base of the Teton Mountain Range, you will find the valley of Jackson Hole where you will experience the Wild West in so many ways. Jackson Hole is a town where you will find moose, mule deers roam the streets and find how normal it is. There are so many tourist attractions there which you can visit. There are skiers and snowboarders as well. Jackson Hole has it all whatever you want. This is the perfect place for people who love the outdoors and are wildlife lovers. Make reservations with Frontier Airlines Reservations and book your tickets to Jackson Hole right away!

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is awarded the number one ski resort in North America as it is known to be wildly popular among skiers and snowboarders as it is the birthplace of extreme skiing, but all types of skiers can definitely suitable terrain for themselves. It would be a mecca for skiers definitely who visit this resort as it is known for its long runs and back country terrain.

Jackson Town Square

You can definitely find cowboys all over Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole Town Square is a tourist favorite spot as they love to take snaps standing under the elk antler arches or visiting the tiny ice skating rink and gliding through it. You can also enjoy a horse carriage ride with an old west style horse or take a walk around the paths which are full of boutique shops, art galleries and grab a bite as well at some of the famous Jackson Hole restaurants as you can find it there.

Snow King Mountain

Snow King Mountain is also known as the Steepest North Facing racing course in the Continental United States and is also Jackson Hole’s ski resort. You can experience and enjoy an affordable ski or snowboarding trip. During winter, skiers and snowboarders can get access to 400 acres of terrain which are featured with three lifts. You can get access to 5 beginner trails and 6 intermediate trails. There is also night skiing present in the resort.

The Snake River

You can have a really exciting and fun-filled outdoor day trip while on a beautiful river. You can have two kinds of experience, one that is a relaxing and calm day on the serene and beautiful river just floating on the river and the other where you will have an experience where you will go on a water rafting trip on Class III rapids falling and shaking throughout the river which is very exciting and fun-filled as well, the choice is yours. The common thing in both these experiences is that you will enjoy some fantastic and breathtaking views of the scenery. Visit Frontier Airlines Official Site to know more about traveling to Jackson Hole.

National Museum of Wildlife Art

Visit the National Museum of Wildlife Art to ponder and gaze at the beautiful and interesting collection of wildlife art which ranges from 2500 BC till the present. There are more than 5,000 artworks that display and showcase some new information. There are some impressive and interesting exhibits as well. After going through all of the artworks, you can experience real wildlife that is the Elk refuge through the museum only, You can also grab a bite at a restaurant which is at the museum itself which is also known to be brilliant.

Jackson Hole Rodeo

Spend the day at Jackson Hole Rodeo where you will experience barrel racing, bull riding, cal roping, and bronc riding. These are namely just a few activities and there are many activities you can watch there as well. Even the local tykes go on bareback rides which look very dangerous in real life. This is held twice a week and you can also view extra performances as well during peak hours. If you’re an animal lover then you may find some activities disturbing or feel uncomfortable so keep that in mind. This experience would definitely be different from others so you should definitely put this on your travel itinerary

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is known as the oldest national park in the world and is also one of the country’s marvelous wilderness areas. This park is greatly known for its geothermal characteristics and also is known as the world’s highest concentration of active geysers. You will find tons of wildlife like gray wolves, grizzly bears, black bears, bison, and many more. You can also go on a hiking trip to really experience the park in its best way. Book Frontier Airlines Flight Tickets to Jackson Hole the right way to experience Jackson Hole the right way and getting amazing deals on flights.