Terrarium – A Unique Gateway to Form a Competent Team

terrarium workshop

Love for nature can be called or named a terrarium. The terrarium workshop is a unique and calming activity for both the mind and body. This is another type of art. It is the name of creativity with style. It is a combination of glass and plants. This could be one of the best activities for those people who want to spend more time with nature.

Love can be expressed in many languages and can be transformed in so many ways. Many of us love to grow plants and take care of them. It is the deepest desire to stay connected with nature. Appreciating your surroundings is a way to show gratitude to your God.

Terrarium known by other names

Terrarium started in 1842 with the experiment from a botanist named N.B Ward. In the beginning, this art was known as the Wardian case. Later, as time passes people relate it with our planet “Earth” and call our planet the natural terrarium.

It was called by many other names like glass garden, vivarium, etc. This art can serve the purpose that is to save nature. It is a very economical and easy to access art for common people as well. This can be done in the house with minimal equipment.


Life becomes very stressful and full of difficulties. People like to go out from the same routine and spend more time with nature. This makes them refreshing to deal with the chores of life. Through Terrarium workshops and classes, people socialized and met new people.

Terrarium has become a very famous source for socialization in Singapore and all around the world. Proof can be taken from different sites and here you can check from one of these links craftlabs.sg.

Team building

Special workshops conducted for the Govt. organizations and other corporate sectors. In these workshops, people came out of their workplace setup. From formal setup to informal setup. In this process, they get to know each other apart from work. Terrarium workshops could be an excellent source to build a strong, amazing, and diversified team.

Do you want to bring positivity to your team? Bring a Boss of the company you want to bring your team on the same page then

Yeah, you are on the right track.

Craft labs are one of the tops, to bring the team on the same goal through terrarium therapy.  Here you can get five reasons to know why terrarium is best to develop corporations among teams.

Five Reasons why going with this workshop is a good choice

  1. Develop Creativity

Daily chore, same routine all these words or feelings kill creativity. Everyone wants to break this normal lifestyle for a few hours or days. Creativity can only develop through the expansion of your horizon. Going out, do new activities can keep up the creativity in the flow. Terrarium activities can be one of the best ways to enhance your creativity and break the routine. The process starts when an individual collects all the required things needed to make a perfect terrarium. This is a unique challenge, to collect different things and make a masterpiece.

terrarium workshop

  1. Get to know others more personally

All these workshops were conducted in a relaxed and happy mode. Surrounding was created to make individuals comfortable with the environment and with each other.

Participants communicate more informally. It could be considered as an ice-breaking activity among colleagues. In the workplace, due to a few odd decisions or situations, colleagues or other office members can be misunderstood. Through this people get the chance to know each other and understand others in a better way.

  1. Sense of calmness and composed

Nature always helps you to calm from inside. It helps you to resolve all the conflicts and reboot yourself through nature therapy. It creates a very positive impact on the mind and develops physical health as well.

From Terrarium workshops, you can become awesome.


Scientifically it reduces stress and other psychological problems like frustration, agitation or even gives you relief from the emotional trauma. The green color is used in it and this color is great therapy. So, enjoy and work with a terrarium in a safe and comfortable environment that can be your office or home.

  1. Provoke strong teamwork

In a busy lifestyle, you hardly get the chance to meet new people, or even meeting an old friend at some point becomes very difficult. This same happened in organizations as well. You have been working for many months or years; you don’t even know everyone and even know their existence in the company. These types of activities build strong connections. Moreover, You get the chance to know different and new people in a very smooth and easy way. Even during terrarium making you go around and see other terrariums and show your or even ask ideas from others during this session.

  1. The feeling of oneness and unity

Terrarium activities can manage many people at one time. This is not possible in any other type of game or any other group activities. In this, no one gets the feeling of being left out or no one waits for their turn. No one gets the feeling of privilege from others. And this is what team building is all about.

Thus, a Terrarium workshop can be a fantastic way to gather each other on one platform. Establishes strong connection and bonding among the employees.