Sure Shot Ways to Find Out If You Own the Right Pair of Quality Boxers

ladies nightwear

The nightwear industry has expanded over a few years now, and thus there are multiple companies and brands that have stepped ahead to serve customers with their endless options for nightwear’s and boxers. Though the possibilities are endless, the catch lies in picking up boxers that can actually provide enough comfort and relaxation to the person who wears the same. Quality matters the most. Despite how cute your boxers might be looking, if they are incapable of providing your comfort, there is no use wearing them. Hence, instead of picking on any random boxer that you see displayed in a store, judge them on different parameters to ensure that you are buying the right pair.

Here are a few things to look for while you buy ladies boxers:

The seams

It’s not just the boxers that should look good and attractive but the seams as well. This is one of the first things that you should notice while buying boxers. A top-notch pair of boxers will always have a clean seam and stitching around all its edges. May it be the seams where the waistband connects to the rest of the boxer or the stitches on the boxer fabric, they should be cleanly stitched to provide adequate comfort and relaxation. Check for any loose threads across the seams that should not be ideally present to mark a good quality boxer. Poorly stitched seams are a symbol of inferior quality boxers and thus should be returned immediately if you happen to order them online.

The Fabrics

Needless to say, fabrics define the quality of any garments, and boxers are no exception. Who doesn’t like to wear a boxer that is soft and comfy to adhere to your comfort requisites? Preferably you would not like to wear a boxer that has itchy fabrics and makes you uncomfortable while wearing it. So check the fabric quality of the boxers before making a purchase decision. Go for fabrics that are thick and do not give you a see-through feeling when you hold it against the light. Also, perform the stretch test by holding the boxers in your hand and stretching it a bit to ensure it comes back to its original position.

The waistband

The waistband is another crucial thing to consider while picking on a boxer for women. And, to ensure that you are taking a right one home, perform a quick test by stretching the elastic waistband of the boxers to find out if it stretches and returns back to its original position or stays stuck back in between. If it is the first case, then it is a green signal for you to take those boxers home. But, if it is the second case, then it is time for you to hand those boxers back to the shopkeeper rather than wasting your money on something that is not of standard quality.

The feel

Now, this is something that may require you to try on those selected pieces of ladies boxers, but make sure that you try it once if the shopkeeper allows you to take a trial. The feel of the fabric is a vital thing to consider to be rest assured of the comfort factor it offers. You would indeed not want to take back home a boxer that makes you scratch or brings redness to your skin. So do not fall for the boxers that just looks cute but test the feel that it is capable of offering to bring in happy faces.  


The ladies nightwear market is flooded with numerous options with fancy boxers and other stuff, which can make one easily fall prey to false and inferior quality products. But now, since you have a checklist to look for while you go out shopping for boxers, we hope that you will shop smart. Use your own brains and do not fall prey to any false commitments made by the manufacturers or shopkeepers and decide the best for you after checking out the things mentioned above. After all, it’s your hard earned money, and you would definitely not like to drain it for waste.