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New Haven Jeweler

If you are living in New Haven, CT, and need jewelry, look no further than Diamond Designs! Located in Orange, CT, Diamond Designs has everything you need in a jewelry store. Compared to other local small businesses, Diamond Designs has one of the most loyal clientele around! Their dedication to each customer is remarkable and is a defining aspect of their company mission. The reason their customers are so loyal to them is that the staffers are so loyal to their customers. Diamond Designs wants to give its customers the best jewelry buying experience possible. Many customers go to Diamond Designs because of the highly trained staff as they are highly trained experts in the jewelry business offering fantastic consultation and evaluation services. Each staff member knows how to guide customers through different options for jewelry design or show customers the most cost-effective repair services and options. We hold a large variety of kinds of jewelry ranging from earrings, to necklaces, to watches. We specialize in engagement rings, however. There is a large selection of diamond engagement rings from some of the top designers in the world such as Simond G. Artcarved, Triton, and Ritani. Our inventory is able to provide a modern look as well as more complex vintage styles. From jewelry design and repair to watches and other gifts, Diamond Designs is the leading New Haven jewelry store.

Jewelry Store West Haven CT

If you live in the West Haven, CT area and are in need of a fine jewelry store, think no more! Stop by Diamond Designs of Orange Connecticut for all of your jewelry needs. Diamond Designs has all the kind of jewelry you need. They sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., and even sell watches that are new or pre-owned. Diamond Designs specializes in selling engagement rings. Some of the fine brands that are sold are Simon G., Ritani, Triton, Lashbrook, and Artcarved. Not only does Diamond Designs sell jewelry, but they are also known for their repair services. These employees are highly skilled and ensure that your jewelry will be returned in the best condition possible. The staff is a very friendly group making sure that their customers feel welcomed. All Diamond Designs customers will be guaranteed great service with the best jewelry selection. If you enter into this small local business you will not be disappointed. Because of the fantastic costumer service and the high selection of jewelry Diamond Designs brings in new costumers and gets old customers to return as well. If you live in West Haven, there is no better jewelry store for you. Diamond Designs does it all!