Major Points to Consider Before Recruiting a CPA


Accounting is essential for all businesses in Canada. Small businesses that try to handle their accounts themselves face problems during the CRA audit. Those firms that have a team of experienced accountants or CPAs do not need to worry about it. Chartered Professional Accountants are trained to handle the official audits professionally.

However, if you have still not hired a CPA or are looking to hire one, it is best to list down your business needs first. There are lots of accounting firms providing a variety of accounting and tax services to all businesses in Canada. If you want to hire one of them, you should be familiar with your accounting and tax requirements. This will help you decide the best affordable accounting package.

Different businesses have different needs. Some need a simple bookkeeper to record daily cash transactions, while others might be looking for a tax expert to handle their corporate taxes. Therefore, before searching for a CPA, you should jot down your business requirements first.

Secondly, how do you know that it is the right time to hire a CPA? Does your business need professional assistance? How will you find the perfect one?

Do not worry, we will discuss all in detail one by one.

Is it the right time to hire a CPA?

Most entrepreneurs are fond of managing every task themselves. However, at a certain level, you will be needing professional guidance to handle all official work skillfully. You might be good at running your own business, clinic or law firm, but once you start handling accounts, you might not be investing the right time in your areas of expertise. This lack of investment will eventually reduce your productivity and your business will suffer in the end. Hence, once you start spending more time on accounting stuff, it is ideal to hire an experienced accountant.

The benefit of hiring an experienced accountant or an accredited accounting firm will be that you will enjoy other accounting and tax services as well. Most of the well-established accounting firms in Canada, like CPA Ontario Professional Corporation, provides a range of accounting and tax services to all small businesses across Canada. They provide virtual bookkeeping, accounting, part-time controller, payroll, tax and advisory services to SMEs. They have a team of great industry experts that have been serving the industry since 1990. Therefore, recruiting one of their qualified accountants will save you a lot of resources.

How to start the CPA search?

Business growth is dependent upon referrals. Referrals make it easy for you to expand your services and target a new niche. Likewise, before hiring an employee, you see his referrals. If they are impressive enough, you hire him at the spot. Hiring a CPA or a CPA firm follows the same strategy. You should look for great CPA professionals in your business circle, friends, family, attorney or mentor. They will guide you according to their work experience. Now, you will have a list to shortlist the most suitable one. You may then search on Google, check their reviews on social media or you may contact them directly.

Most accounting firms offer a wide range of services and fixed packages. If you want to select a customized package you should book a free consultation with them first. For instance, CPA Ontario Professional Corporation offers free consultation services to all businesses in Canada. Consulting their professional experts on your required services will provide you with a wider perspective on your business accounting and tax needs.

Finalizing your choice

Finding the best suitable and the most credible CPA expert in Canada is not a tough job. But finalizing the best one might give you a tough time. There are many well-known CPA experts in Canada but are they credible enough for your satisfaction?

If you are confused about a CPA expert, you may ask for his credentials, certificates or review his work history. This will give you an insight into his work experience in your specific niche. For example, law firm accounting services are somewhat different from general business accounting. Legal accountants should have years of industry experience and should be familiar with all legal accounting programs to best facilitate their clients. Therefore, you should always clear your queries before recruiting your CPA expert.

Finally, after recruiting the best CPA expert, you should set quarterly meetings with him to discuss your business growth and financial plans. Some entrepreneurs miss this opportunity and only meet with their accountants once every year. You should be active enough to create the best out of every opportunity.

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Hiring the best CPA services in Canada requires a bit of research. First, you should be familiar with your business needs then select the best one based on your referrals.