How You Can Spend Your Time during Lockdown Effectively

Spend your time during lockdown
Spend your time during lockdown

This coronavirus has made our life difficult and you don’t know how to How you can Spend your time during lockdown effectively. We can’t go out, can’t meet with peoples, except staying at home we can’t do anything. The whole world is just stopped moving don’t know when it is going to start moving normally again. The world is like a video, it is paused now whenever we try to resume the video it runs for a minute and again paused.
Human is a social being meaning that human lives and survive by relying on each other.

The Best way to spend your time during lockdown effectively

However, many people have lost their employment as a result of the coronavirus, and are now battling to make ends meet. People are going through depression, mental illness, mental disorder.
In this serious moment, what kinds of things can we do to spend time or stay away from any kind of mental illness? Well, there are a lot of things we can do and below is the list of them.

Spending time with family members

Before lockdown, most of the time we were busy with work didn’t have enough time to spend with our family. But now that we have a lot of time on hand we can spend it with family members, mostly with kids. We can play games, watch movies with kids or other family members. We Can play different types of board games it is going to help your kids too.


It is a great time to do some workouts. Not only it is going to help you make your body fit but also improve your immune system. During the lockdown, you will be spending time in the house doing nothing which might affect your body in a bad way so to keep your body healthy workout is going to be the best choice. There is a lot of YouTube video and apps where they guide you how to workout without any equipment. Who knows it might change in your life too.


You can play riddles with your family, relatives, friend, or any random person on social media. Just post a riddle on social media and see who can write the right answer. There are a lot of different kinds of riddles on the internet you can go and find some and have fun. Nowadays in social media, we observe that I Met a Man on The London Bridge Riddle become a top news feed and gain everyone’s attention.


To have a peaceful mind you can try some Yoga. There is a lot of video of yoga on YouTube again in this covid a lot of yoga instructor doing online classes you can join those classes and do some yoga. It will help you increase your flexibility, increase your muscle strength, reduce weight, and many more.
5. Learning a new language.
You can explore a new culture a new language. You can learn a new language like French, Spanish, Japanese, or other that is your favorite. If you want to go to a new country and you won’t enjoy that country you can just learn that countries language which will help enjoy the visit many more.

Reading a Book

There are a lot of things you don’t know. There is no ending of knowing. Books are the greatest source of knowledge. You can learn a great deal from reading literature.. From school to graduation you read books to know how to do things in your life but it doesn’t mean that is the end. There is a big amount of books that you can explore. So reading books will be a great time-consuming again beneficial thing for you.

Learning a musical instrument

Now that you have a lot of time on hand why not learn an instrument like piano, guitar, flute, violin, etc. It’s going to be an entertaining experience. Before you might not have enough time and energy to do something new but now you can use your free time to do something new. There are a lot of videos on instruments just watch one and start your new journey.

Take a course

In this free time, you can take some online courses. It could be to polish your existing skill or learn some new one. It will help in your job or if you learn something new who knows it might help you find a new hobby that you will pursue in the future. There are an ample amount of courses available online that you can join very easily. It will be a perfect time to search for something new.

Try handcrafting

You can do some handicraft things which will help you become creative. You can make things using your creative imagination. You can make things using clothes, paper, wood, clay, stone, glass, plants, and many more. This lockdown, it will be one of the creative things that you should try. You can even sell your handmade products online if they are good enough.

Reorganize your home

You might have thought of reorganizing your house but due to work and many other things, it wasn’t possible. But now it’s a good time to do this. You have enough time and energy so why not go and reorganize your home just the way you wanted for a long time. You can also clean your house at the same time.
These are some of the activities you can do during the lockdown. We don’t want to be stuck in our house forever so hope that this virus goes as fast as possible and we can live the way we were. Till then follow all the rules we should and live a healthy life.