How to Set Up a Dedicated Server


There are various ways to set up a dedicated server. We will in this article tell you the best and easiest way to set up a dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a server which is wholly leased by the owner including the choice of operating system, hardware, storage etc. this brings more scalability and flexibility for a website because this dedicated server is not shared by anyone else.

Features of Dedicated Server

Full Control

You have all the powers to utilize all your resources present on a single server as these resources are not shared by any other website you get the access to fully control your server this can help you to enjoy unmetered bandwidth and prevent your website to perform slowly.

Higher security

Dedicated server offers higher security than shared hosting because here you are not sharing space with other malicious websites which allows you higher security.


This server brings you high amount of flexibility where you can customize your server according to your needs in terms of CPU, RAM, Space and Software. This allows more control over how their server can be configured.


Dedicated Server is more reliable and good at performance as compared to other hosting services as these are leased entirely by one website.

Improved Search Engine Ranking

Google uses algorithm for its search engine and provides high priority to the fast loading websites, with more resources and elements provided  by dedicated server your sites performs much faster and load quicker will results in high traffic and ultimately to the increase in Search Engine Ranking.

Benefits of Dedicated Server.

Unique IP Address

Websites which are running on same server are allotted with the same IP address that means they are sharing the IP address which can result in various issues such as website getting blacklisted or the ranking goes down for other sites. Dedicated server comes with unique IP Address which provides unique identity to business builds a reputation of business.

Maintenance at Ease

Dedicated server package mainly comes with 24*7 supports that are available to solve the issues related with technical aspects. You can focus on the core business activities like formulation of business strategies and policies. Maintenance of server such as local server updates, antivirus updates and backup are performed by the hosting provider.


You are provided with full control over your server environment where you can easily customize your server in terms of CPU, RAM, Disk Space  and software according to your business need you can also change your Operating System.


Site Downtime can result to customer moving on to competitors because today customers are impatient and can’t wait more than 3 seconds to load a website hence it is necessary to ensure that your site is functional and running.

Dedicated Server allows greater performance and stability and generally functions 99.4% uptimes this also comes with server monitoring and backup services which helps in increasing the functionality of the website.

How to Set Up a Dedicated Server  

Setting up a dedicated server is not that difficult here we will see how to install a dedicated server with cPanel which will help you to assist all your web sites, and then you can decide how to control your dedicated server and list down the initial installation of Operating System and networks.

Here are some steps to configure a dedicated server with cPanel.

Initial Set Up of cPanel Server

Initial set up is required when you firstly log in, many time this happens that people only browse the option which are available by default.

Firstly check if the hostname and primary and secondary name server are correct, because the configuration of these elements based on the name of host are located in your initial configuration.

You should make sure you have a mail address for your cPanel dedicated sever this can be useful to find out how to use a dedicated server with cPanel without facing any inconvenience.

Implement by updating Apache Server                  

Here comes in an important step to set up a cPanel dedicated server as in PHP there are various types of Scripts and Commands used in your web pages same goes with cPanel where you just need to check and uncheck the boxes in touch with PHP version and it is recommended not to close the browser.

Prepare Web Packages

By the help of “Package Manager” in WHM you can carry out the work in quick and easy way which will make sure that your sites will not consume all the resources of cPanel dedicated server in short you can leave the resources for other sites too.

WHM Security Center

You can go to “Security- Security Center” section of WHM to maintain higher level of security for your dedicated server. Generally dedicated server disables all your options you can enable and disable various functions according to your need.


Having a backup for your dedicated server is must. You should ensure to create them you have to just log into WHM and go to “Backup-Configure Backup” and check the enabled or enable checkbox.


Dedicated Server comes with its own benefits of full control, scalability, flexibility and high security. Setting them up may not be that difficult when you follow the above mentioned steps using cPanel and WHM.