How Knowledge, Imagination and Persistence make things possible?


Knowledge is of two types General and specialised. Now the problem is that most people tend to feed their minds with the first type of knowledge like general knowledge, facts, figures, etc. these things, most of the time, are not in use in their everyday lives.

On the other hand, successful people feed their brain with specialised knowledge that makes them expert in the related field. It is useful in life, and their particular specialised knowledge helps them earn huge profits in terms of its demand in the market.

For instance, a doctor treats every patient with all problems. He does not earn well, but he earns for his specialised knowledge and field. He is an expert in a particular part or organ of the human body. Once upon a time, a newspaper agency called Henry Ford, an ignorant pessimist published many dogmatic materials about him.

A Real-life example of getting the proper knowledge

Henry Ford sued them in court. While hearings in the court, the lawyer asked him eccentric questions like who Benedict Arnold was and how many soldiers were sent from British to America to put the rebellion down in 1776? Etc. and some other offensive questions too.

Henry Ford was seemed tired of the questionnaire, and this broke his patience and said, if I really want to answer these stupid questions that you have been asking me, then remember  I have a pair of buttons under my desk. When I press the button, I can call a person of my wish to answer any of the questions.

He further said, now you tell, why I will need to sill my brain with the general knowledge that can never be able to work for me. Then why should I answer your stupid questions? After hearing his question, the lawyer took a pause, and the people present there found this assertion possible.

They all learned that Henry Ford was not an Ignorant person but very intelligent. He is intelligent enough to what kind of knowledge he should have and what kind of knowledge will not work for him. Most people do commit this mistake and fill their mind with useless knowledge.

Our education system also plays a vital role in this. This is why most experts assert that it is more important just to be a master of one thing but like nobody else. It is more specified that being specialised will be the key to achieve all success.

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The other concept is Imagination. It is being said that a person can create anything or achieve any aspect of the life of what he imagined. If you find this statement incredible, then remember that the human race has achieved a lot in the recent 150 years with the power of imagination. History has a brutal competition with the current truth.

For example, if before 150 years, it was imagined that a person could move from one continent to another within a metal box, then the people would have considered you mad. Perhaps today, this imagination had formed a reality in the form of Aeroplane, helicopters, flying jets.

Because of Henry Ford, we are now capable of driving ourselves in cars. Dialling few numbers in a single bake lightbox and talking to a person sitting several nautical miles away has become possible. A child even does it. A lot more things are now possible with imagination.

To make everything possible, the only way that ideas and imagination are made is driven by acknowledged terms and companionship.


Imagination or ideas is of two types, the first is synthetic, and the second is creative.

Synthetic imagination means; using and observing another’s idea and modifying it with self-created ideas mixing up the two and implementing them in a much-pioneered way. Synthetic imagination is very common that comes into our mind with experiences and understanding.

Creative imagination means, basically, new ideas that had never imagined or implemented earlier.

Persistence and Burning desires, these two aspects merge and form a type of magical formula that can make anyone successful. For example, a boy who was partially deaf, one day, his teacher sent a note to his family that carried the following message:

“Your ward is stupid. He cannot do anything. Please remove him from this school. His mother replied that my son is not stupid. I will teach my son, and he will become a successful person one day”. The child desired the values and with persistency, he became successful.

The child whom the blog is commenting is nobody but Thomas Edison. He failed hundreds of time in inventing the lighting bulb, and finally, one day, he really invented Lighting Bulb.


When you see unsuccessful people, they are constantly surrounded by negative people; they talk of negative things. After hearing and seeing positive things, they cannot make anything implemented in the right way.

On the other hand, successful people used to spend their time with positive people and discuss positive things. They encourage people to talk positive and make the right results.