How Do the Blocked Drains Cause Problems in Your Household?

Blocked Drains

Believe it or not, the drainage system is one of the most integral parts of every household. A properly functioning drain not only ensures a smooth and uninterrupted flow of water and sewage but also plays a very important role in maintaining the health of the household.

This is why the moment you realize your drains are blocked or have a potential clog, you get concerned. But somehow, your concerns are only limited to how the water and sewage will pass through the drains since now they have been blocked. You do not consider other scenarios which are also a part of having a blocked drain like a bad smell, faster growth of bacteria, and several others.

Blocked Drains

This is why you ignore calling for a professional’s help until the situation worsens and it becomes almost impossible to work with such blocked drains. However, that’s not at all a healthy practice. The moment a clog starts developing, the ambiance within the house becomes unhealthy and riskier.

Here, in this article, we have talked about such situations which will reveal how a blocked drain can interrupt your daily activities as well as put your health at stake.

Blocked drains mean odor and pungent smell:

Drains can get blocked without showing any prior signs and hence, it’s easy to miss the developing clogs. But, most times, the primary or pre-block sign is a sudden, pungent odor lingering in the air within your house, the intensity of which will always be more near the drain openings. It can come from the drain of your kitchen sink or the toilet in your en-suite bathroom.

They are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and flies:

When the drains are blocked, water is not allowed to pass through as a result of which it starts accumulating and becomes stagnant. Stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for both mosquitoes and flies, albeit the disease-causing ones. You will often see that the area where the blocked drains open outside your house will have an increased population of these insects.

Microorganisms grow faster due to clogs in a drain:

Apart from the mosquitoes and flies, another class of organisms whose breeding ground is the blocked drains is microorganisms. Starting from bacteria to protozoa, several microbes will thrive. If your drains get blocked since stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for them. These microorganisms will soon start spreading and infecting your home, which will further put your health at risk.

Water overflowing is a common consequence:

One of the major consequences of having the blocked drains is the overflowing of the water. When the girth of the pipes gets completely blocked, it stops the proper flow of water through them. Soon water starts accumulating on the blocked side, and if the block is not removed at the earliest, you will find the drained water overflowing in your home through the opening.

It puts the property value at risk:

Another major consequence of the blocked drains that you have to be aware of is a decreased property value. With the drains being blocked, the pipes and other parts will start getting damaged. Over time as stagnant water causes corrosion and rusting. This will degrade the pipe’s health and soon they will start leaking. The incidents will result in reduced property valuation.

Improper drainage is a direct consequence:

With the clogs blocking your drains, you will have problems with the drainage. Either the water will drain very slowly like a trickling stream or it will flow intermittently. This is why having a blocked drain is of great concern for every household.

Blocked Drains


Truth be told, the blocked drains are very common in almost every household. Therefore, it is imperative for you to learn the symptoms of blocked drain and pipes and immediately get the help of a plumber for your blocked drains so that you won’t have to bear the consequences which we have discussed above.