Everything You Must Know About Lip Injections

Everything You Must Know About Lip Injections


Plump pout is the trend for everyone! But certainly not everyone is blessed to have such beautiful Angelina Jolie lips, right? Nor, they can put on such volumising makeup on a daily basis. So, permanent lip fillers are the only available option for them to flaunt their perfect pouts.

You may get flown with the trend but certainly you must gain basic idea of lip injections instead of stalking Instagram pictures throughout the day. So, we are here to inform you. Let’s see…

In what ways lip injection performs?

Lip injection also known as filler, enhancement and augmentation is the procedure to fill the lips with artificial substance to volumise it. It lifts up the mouth corner, corrects uneven lips and smoothing out the wrinkles that become prominent over aging. Don’t get into the speedy process of fuller lips as it has more depth beyond that!

Even worst pictures of post-injection should be viewed to have the idea of ruining your looks (if it happens). On visiting the clinic you will be inquire about your desire and wish to see the lip as. Accordingly a structure will be made to make you show the outcome of the result.

Also, the facial structure and the appropriate shape will be discussed so that patient can choose their best one with the help of the expert. Then, filler amount will be decided prior to commence the procedure during discussing about the full procedure- start to end!

Lips will be anaesthetised by using cleansing alcohol and then filler is injected using a needle for enhancing the lips. Later, gentle massage may require for the prevention of the lump formation. Anatomy of the patient plays a key role in determining the filler amount needed to accomplish the dream of full pout. 1 ml is injected per session which lasts for about half an hour.

What is the basic price of lip fillers?

Before undergoing the treatment to fulfil the desire of having plump lips, the common concern is regarding its expense. Although it depends from clinic to clinic and the expert who is going to perform it yet the basic price ranges from £250-£400 for 0.5-1.0 ml syringe. To obtain excessive fuller lips, the cost will be eventually high and expensive as it involves with multiple sessions and syringes.

Is lip injection painful?

Although sensitivity varies from a person to another, yet lips are quite sensitive and sharp pinch can be experienced during filling! So, lidocaine can be used as the regular local anaesthesia to carry out the treatment seamlessly and painlessly.

Any other numbing cream can be also applied before 15 minutes of the treatment. Nerve blocks are rarely done for numbing the full lip area. Same day service is also available at come clinic. Ice pack is better to place for the pain-conscious patients.

What’s about the recovery?

Right after the treatment, swollen lips are more likely to experience with a little bruise. That’s why it is advised to undergo prior to 2-week of any occasion. As swelling needs 2 weeks to get resolved completely it is better to always get the lip injection on time especially before any occasion or events.

What’s the lifespan of lip filler?

Basically it is said that lip fillers last for 6 months only. But it completely relies on the lifestyle of the individual as well. Very active persons especially who exercise a lot will metabolise the filler at fast rate. In order to know the age criteria FDA approved the use of filler for cosmetic and aesthetic reason for the people of 21 and above.

What is injected into the lips?

Even if you are still a no to plump lips and looking for the addition of some definition then the latest revolutions are for you- Volbella and Restylane, both of which are approved by FDA to use some years back.

Both of them are crystal clear hyaluronic acid gel formulation to define smooth and small particles for subtle enhancement of the lip while fining out the lines and wrinkles as well.

Which one is the best?

Although various substances are available to inject yet hyaluronic acid is the most common one! It is regarded as the best lip filler due to its extreme softness and dissolving properties if high volume gets injected.

Erstwhile silicon was mainly in use however it possesses the tendency for the granulomas formation and worsens the scar tissues indicating to its immediate removal. But there is no chance of allergy with this substance at all.

Nowadays, people mainly opt for hyaluronic fillers as it is the key skincare ingredient found naturally in the skin. Being FDA-approved two styles are used for injecting like Restylane and Juvederm on the basis of filler placement for redefining, reshaping and volumising the lips.

Does lip filler possess any side effects and risks?

The procedure which involves the usage of needle possesses the risks of infections. Usually it gets manifested with pain, redness and swelling. Doctor advice is needed for the patients with past record of herpes infection as it can result in its flare. In such instances antiviral medication is given to the patients before 2 days of undergoing the treatment.

Secret to plump lips at home

Certainly there are a few methods to abstain from needle use but all of them are for short-term and will dissipate in a couple of hours. Hydration of the lips is the very first thing you need to do. Softening of the wrinkles and no dryness make your lips look fuller slightly.

Now use any oil or topical product loaded with peppermint or cinnamon as it will heighten the blood circulation in the lips enabling them to appear quite larger. Otherwise, you can try out the alternative of hyaluronic acid for making the lips plumper than ever. Moreover it will last for 3 consecutive months respectively.

Fix an appointment today with the Lip Fillers London and fulfil your desire of having bigger, fuller and plump lips. The cosmetic expert will assess the health condition especially allergic reactions before conducting the procedure to help you attain full lips causing no harm to your overall health.