Easy life hack accessories for your travel

Travel mobile accessories

Traveling is a crucial part of everyone’s life. We all travel ranging from daily commuting to long journeys. There are various reasons due to which we travel. It might be because we want to go for a leisure trip or as a professional trip. But amidst a digital world where everything is being digitized for our benefits that are to make our life comfortable and easy.

Below I have listed a few life hack accessories for your travels that will come in handy while you travel to a very long distance. Through which you won’t face any kind of difficult situations later on.

These life hacks can not only make your life easy but also they are available at much better pocket-friendly rates. eSource deals with every kind of accessories, you can bet on it in terms of reliable quality and high-services. We do have mobile accessories as well which is the most popular among all. Have a look at these life hack accessories that will come in handy during your long journey.

Universal Camera Tripod Stand- This accessory is for everyone who wants to click amazing photographs without compromising on their quality while they travel. This camera tripod stand is compatible with android as well as iPhones. Perfectly suitable on any rough surfaces. Comes in black color and available at affordable rates just for $3.78.

You can attach both cameras and smartphones with it magnifying its universal feature aspect. Better non-slip design for better protection of both camera and phone.

Besides that, it is also versatile. It can be used as mobile phone tripods, simple handles, and iPhone holders. Firmly compact and lightweight to carry anywhere you want. It has complete flexibility where easily you can bend at any side.

40X60 Zoom Monocular Telescope Lens For Smartphone Camera Camping Fishing Hiking + Compass Phone Clip Tripod- Do you want to capture the most amazing shot from your smartphone but in dilemma what accessory to use with that smartphone so that it can smoothly capture all the shot with the highest clarity possible.

Then eSource has the answer. Through eSource, you can purchase the amazing product that we call a telescopic lens. All you need to do is to fit the product with your phone and off you go.

It increases the light transmission for a clearer and clearer brighter image. The magnify level is 40 times closer enabling capturing images from a very long distance.

Suitable with every top smartphone brand in the market like iPhone, Samsung, LG, or any other. One of the popular features of this device is that it can be used anywhere and quite compact. Resist all kinds of shakes and allow hand-free viewing.

Perfect for all the wildlife photography like animals, birds, insects, etc. Not only this, you can even use it for concerts, sports, games, and certain other outdoor trips such as hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting.

You can even use it for night vision where you can click the image in low light mode.

10000mAh Qi Wireless + Wired Charger 2-in-1 Power Bank USB Fast Charging Portable Battery Charger For Phone/Tab- yet another product from eSource, the power bank is the vital requirement in everyone’s life. Its vitality is the same as the usage of the smartphone. Priced at merely $34.06, our product is the must-have for you all.

Consist of a Li-polymer battery that supports quick charging as well as wireless and wired charging. Comes with the type-C charger that charges three devices simultaneously. Not only this, it has got a huge capacity of 10000 mAh. Charging compatible with smartphones as well as tablets. The perfect travel companion which you can rely on. Comes in black color that supports quick charge technology.

Mini Folding Wireless Bluetooth Pocket Keyboard Keypad With Touchpad For Android iOS Tablet iPad Phone- are you a frequent user of computers and laptops then I guess this accessory is for you. Pricing at $32.55. Now you must be wondering about this marvelous product in the market. It’s a foldable wireless keyboard.

It’s highly portable which you can fold as per your desire and take it anywhere on a go. Made of high-quality material which is used in aircraft means that it’s ultra-lightweight. Not only this, it is been designed to withstand falls. It can be used with a lot of kinds of Bluetooth devices. Supports Windows, Android, and iOs. You can use any kind of device.

Simply, you need to plugin with the help of Bluetooth from both the side and you are good to go.

While going for an air trip. There might be a chance that you may need to pay a bit extra for that extra weight. That is where our device is so good at. With a standby time of about 560 hours. With the touchpad included with it where you don’t require a mouse with it.

Your smartphone can easily turn to the laptop while you are using this device.

Size L Noise Isolate Foam Ear Tips Earbuds Cover Protective Earphone Earplugs For Apple AirPods Pro – Grey- next on my list is the earbuds for Apple AirPods pro. Pricing as low as $3.78 with quality soft material foam. You all must be surprised with this inclusion in the list. But while you are on travel, you don’t want to discomfort your ears while listening to music.

Through this accessory, you can easily listen to songs from your iPhones for a long time. A vital accessory for daily use. It has a strong grip over your ears so you don’t need to worry about it falling out at any point.

Above are the some of vital accessories for your travel. These are the life hacks that you can’t resist at home each of these.

Once you have these at your home then thanks eSource later. Thanks for your precious time. Hope you liked the article. Do share it with all your friends. Make traveling as comfortable and enjoyable as ever.