Drawing Artist? What Does It Take to Hire One?

drawing artists

The wrong hire can do a lot of damage. They can impact morale, hurt productivity levels, and negatively impact your bottom line. That’s why it’s essential that you find the right people for your team. If you’re expanding your operations and looking for an artist, make sure you know how to hire right. Here are top tips on how to pull this off so you don’t end up with a hiring headache. 

Determine Scope of Work 

What do you need? Think about the extent, type, and scope of the work that you’re hiring for. Do you want your entire site redesigned? Or do you just want your logo updated? What elements do you want to see in your pages? What do you want to ask the drawing artists to create, improve on, or revise completely from the ground up? 

Come Up with Ideas 

Do you have something concrete or specific in mind? Artists, no matter how great they are, aren’t mind-readers. One of the most common problems between clients and artists is that clients say they can do anything only to point out what they don’t like once the artist comes up with a piece. Save both of yourselves considerable time and trouble and look for references that you can use to show the artist what you mean. Being as clear as you can be, especially regarding the tone or look, and vibe that you want will make it easier for the artist to deliver the kind of output that you’ll sure to love. 

Be Firm About Your Brand Identity 

When you hire an artist to work on your site and marketing materials, make sure you have a clear idea of what your brand identity is. What is your brand’s personality? That sets your business apart from the rest, so it’s important that all the visual elements of your sites, campaigns or materials, reflect that. Does the artist understand your brand identity? Does your contractor get at the heart of your company’s goals? Do those visuals support your company’s success and growth? Consider all that before you pick a contractor to work with. 

Check Out Platforms 

Find talented pros online by going to job boards and platforms. Check out paid options with a good reputation. You’ll likely encounter freelancers and agencies in your search. Which one works better for you? Consider your needs and the size of your business. A freelancer is a good match for that while agencies are a good option for companies with a lot of needs and require an extensive range of services. 

Understand the Fees

How does the pricing work? Many service providers offer packages that can help you save on costs. Be sure to go over those fees. Look out for any hidden charges, though. Some firms might not disclose all their charges. If they can’t provide you with a transparent accounting of the fees they charge, it might be better for you to get help elsewhere. 

Talk About Expectations 

What are your expectations when you hire an artist? What services do you look forward to? Are those part of the job description you gave out or not? Be fair to the freelancer or team that you are hiring. You can’t expect services that you never mentioned in the first place. If your plan is just to spring those on unsuspecting contractors, that could backfire on you as you might end up with someone who knows nothing about those services or tasks. It’s best to be thorough with the services you expect right from the start. 

Don’t Rush the Deadline 

Results take time. While it’s ideal to get the output as soon as possible, don’t forget to give the contractors a reasonable timeline. Rushing anything isn’t good if it’s not an emergency. Give the team time to work on the project. That will help you get the best possible work out of your new hires. Crunch time helps train contractors and might, at times, improve productivity levels. Use it sparingly, though, only when you need to. Instead, work out a reasonable schedule with your contractors so both parties are happy with the results. 

Consider Qualities 

Find someone you are compatible with, someone that you are comfortable to talk to, or who gets you, who understands you and your business. That might seem like a small thing and certainly nothing important in the grand scheme of things. But if you’re building a business, you want to look for partners that can support your organization. Nurturing a long-term relationship with excellent contractors can do a lot to bring your business to a level of success and output that you could never imagine. That’s why compatibility and alignment matter. 

Talk About Payment Options 

If you hire a contractor or team from a site, you might need to spend money paying the site as well as use safe payment methods to ensure that the money will get transferred without any problem. Consider what works for both of you before you settle on a payment option.