Different Types Of Pinboards We Use In Our Daily Life


For students, teachers, and other professionals, it is impossible to remember all the things they read in their careers. Or sometimes, it is really important to attach notices visible to all the people inside the school, college, or in any organization. That is why pinboards are extensively used.

Here you will read some crucial information regarding pinboard. There are two types in common, i.e. wallboard and magnetic board.

On the wallboard, you attach documents or notices with pins while in the second one, you attach those with the magnet. Pinboards consist of various fabrics and materials while magnetic board consists of a metal or special glasses. Apart from this, these two types of boards differ in individual design and shape.

Here you can realize some major advantages and drawbacks of these boards

Wooden Pinboards:

Pinboards are made with felt or cork, but wood, fabric, and foam rubber can also be useful. The wide range of materials makes it look perfect. Wood and cork are quite easy to personalize and paint. A common disadvantage seen is that it is very complex to clean.  Pinboard has a homely look by the usage of cork-like materials. It is fair and easier to hang. Pinboards are more sensitive. wood, or fabric pin boards cannot be used outdoors as they will lose quality.

Pins also damage the papers attached to the wall. Pins pose a risk for the children and in that case, magnetic boards are more suitable.


  • Different materials make it look better on the wall.
  • It is quite easy to personalize.
  • Easy to attach documents.
  • It provides a homely look in a representable manner.


  • It is quite sensitive and increases the risk of injury.
  • It is not suitable outdoors.
  • It cannot be cleaned up easily.
  • The attached documents will get damaged after a while.
  • It is not suitable to attach documents consisting of multiple pages. 

Magnetic Boards:

It uses magnets to attach documents. Heavier docs can be attached with smaller pieces of magnets. These boards are suitable for children as it poses no risk of injury.

Magnetic pinboards are suitable and robust for outdoor usage. But magnetic walls are heavier as it is made of metal or glass. Hence it is difficult to hang. Hence it has a sterile and harder look. That is why it is used in offices. The surface is water-resistant and smooth. It is even used in the kitchen and you can clean it quite easily within a few seconds.


  • It is robust in design.
  • It can be used easily outdoors.
  • It is easy to wipe off.
  • The document is attached for a long time without even a little damage.
  • Heavier documents or notices with multiple pages are suitable for magnetic boards.
  • There is no risk at all.


  • It is challenging to personalize it.
  • There are fewer options for materials.
  • It is quite complicated to hang it up for a long time.
  • It has sterile look. 

Purchase Criteria:

Before purchasing any pinboard, you must look for certain aspects normally preferred. You may look at its size, weight, etc. You must see whether it is made with a needle or magnet and it can be easily cleaned or not.

You may use all colored magnets or pins for the pinboard. Magnets have a wide range of selections. For distributive tasks or exhibition purpose, different color selection boosts a magnetic look.

If you have major creative thinking, you can personalize your pinboard. Materials like cork or wood must be painted well. The decoration can be used with gift ribbon, string, or masking tape. The look can be changed with the poster or colored background. You are now able to realize the facts of different kinds of pinboards.