Create a Dream Home You’ll Love: Partner with an Interior Designer at Hellbent

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Welcome to the world of interior design, where creativity meets functionality to transform your living and working spaces. At Hellbent Design Studio, located in the heart of Portland, ME, Our expert interior designer specializes in creating interiors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and sustainable. Whether you are looking to redesign your home, revamp your office, or undertake a large-scale renovation, our team of expert designers is here to help you bring your vision to life.

Why Choose Hellbent for Your Interior Design?

At Hellbent, we believe that good design is about more than just looks. It’s about creating spaces that enhance your lifestyle and reflect your personality. Here’s why you should choose us for your interior design projects:

1. Expertise and Experience

Our team of professional designers has years of experience in the industry. We have worked on a wide range of projects, from residential homes to commercial spaces, and we bring this wealth of knowledge to every project we undertake.

2. Personalized Approach

We understand that every client is unique, and so are their design needs. We take the time to get to know you and your preferences, ensuring that the final design is a true reflection of your style and meets your functional requirements.

3. Comprehensive Services

From initial consultation to final installation, we offer a full range of interior design services. Whether you need help with space planning, furniture selection, or lighting design, we’ve got you covered.

4. Sustainable Design

We are committed to sustainability and aim to reduce the carbon footprint of every project we work on. We use eco-friendly materials and design practices to create healthier indoor environments.

Our Design Process

Designing your space with Hellbent is an exciting and collaborative process. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

Initial Consultation

The journey begins with an initial consultation where we discuss your ideas, preferences, and budget. This is a crucial step as it helps us understand your vision and set the foundation for the project.

Concept Development

Based on our discussions, we develop a design concept that reflects your style and meets your functional needs. This includes creating mood boards, sketches, and 3D renderings to help you visualize the final result.

Design and Planning

Once the concept is approved, we move on to the detailed design and planning phase. This involves selecting materials, finishes, furniture, and accessories. We also create detailed floor plans and elevations to guide the construction process.


With the design and planning in place, we oversee the implementation of the project. We coordinate with contractors, manage timelines, and ensure that every aspect of the design is executed to perfection.

Final Reveal

The final step is the most exciting part – the reveal! We conduct a thorough walkthrough of the space with you, making sure everything is in place and meets your expectations.

Residential Interior Design Services

Your home is your sanctuary, and it should reflect your personality and lifestyle. We offer a range of residential interior design services to help you create a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Living Room Design

The living room is often the heart of the home, where family and friends gather to relax and socialize. We design living rooms that are comfortable, inviting, and stylish, with a focus on creating a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and it needs to be both practical and beautiful. Our kitchen designs focus on maximizing space, improving workflow, and incorporating high-quality materials and finishes.

Bedroom Design

Your bedroom should be a peaceful retreat where you can unwind and recharge. We create bedroom designs that promote relaxation and comfort, using soothing color palettes, luxurious textiles, and thoughtful lighting.

Bathroom Design

A well-designed bathroom can make a big difference in your daily routine. We design bathrooms that are functional, stylish, and easy to maintain, with a focus on maximizing space and incorporating modern fixtures and finishes.

Sustainable Design and Renovation

We are passionate about sustainability and believe that good design should be environmentally responsible. We offer sustainable design and renovation services to help you reduce your carbon footprint and create a healthier indoor environment.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We use sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, recycled metal, and low-VOC paints to create beautiful and eco-friendly interiors.

Energy Efficiency

Our designs focus on improving energy efficiency through the use of energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and HVAC systems.

Indoor Air Quality

We prioritize indoor air quality by using non-toxic materials and incorporating proper ventilation systems.

Ready to Transform Your Space?

At Hellbent, we are dedicated to creating interior spaces that are beautiful, functional, and sustainable. No matter if you are looking to redesign your home, revamp your office, or undertake a large-scale renovation, our team of expert interior designer is here to help you bring your vision to life.

If you’re ready to get started on your interior design project, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to working with you and creating a space that you’ll love for years to come.