Best Family Friendly Destinations in Ontario


Each year when the summer is yet to come, you might start dreaming of the spring flowers, water, and the family. Blue Waters at its best can be the best summer tour!

As the weather has started warming up in the next few months, you might be wondering to look forward to the various family-friendly destinations you can visit in Ontario.

Day trips, warm sun, blossom flowers, and blue waters all around are what all one can dream of when it comes to the family tour!

So, if you are a family tour lover and wish to pack your bags and have a quality time with your loved ones in Ontario, here are some of the facts and the spots suggestions for you which will help you experience the grandest tour you have ever dreamt of.

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So let us start with the best of the family friend Ontario destinations! 

ü The Blue Bay Motel

Tobermory is the place name! It is located on the Bruce Peninsula, where there will be many hearth robbing beauties and family-friendly adventures—ever wondered why Motels are the best tourist spots if you are coming with your family? The Blue May Motel can be the answer. Its the most popular Motel in the village where the families can have the perfect time to rest with their near and dear ones.

ü Belfountain Conservation Area

You are looking for a place where you can experience the Historical culture and enjoy the scenic glimpses of the fountain, waterfalls, and natural surroundings. Belfountain Conservation Area can be the utmost place for the kids as well as the adults. The unique feature is the suspension bridge which is the best feature altogether.

Lake Superior Provincial Park

Every Ontarian knows the importance of this location! It has mesmerizing views and is the ultimate trip for the family as well as the friends. Activities like skiing, canoeing, boating, and also fishing can be easily done here. It is the ultimate spot for camping with friends and family.

Science North

Science Centre is the best source of amusement and at the same time educational in the family tour. It includes the famous popular science center Science North. Moreover, it has the collection of all the science motivated and the experiences since all the ages. It can be a great learning for the kids as well as the families.

It can prove to be a fun educational Science Tour!

WildHagens Adventure Gardens

The summer season is kind of incomplete without gardens. This adventurous garden can be the best place to explore with the family. It is 6000 square feet in dimensions, and the best part is that it has been designed into a fun play space for kids and the most enjoyable pizzeria if you feel to have a lunch bite!

It also has the well-maintained forest trail, which can be a great amusement for young kids. So do not delay to visit here and have the best fun with the children. Check out the best offers at Southwest Airlines Flight Tickets.

Port Stanley Beaches

One of the best beaches in the entire Ontario is Lake Erie. The main beach is the busiest place meant for the swimmers and also the ones who love water activities. It is the utmost place for the kids as well as the elders.

Moreover, the little beach is one such perfect spot for the children. It is a small beach with no such lifeguards on any of the amenities. It has limited parking but can be a perfect location for the early risers as they can enjoy the quiet spot and experience the mesmerizing nature and blue waters.

So above are the most mesmerizing and the best-known family destinations in Ontario!

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When it comes to family, there should be no hindrance not even money!