An Underground Cocktail Haven & Botanical Delight

An Underground Cocktail Haven & Botanical Delight

Are you in search of a unique and enchanting experience in the heart of London? Look no further than HOKUS POKUS, an extraordinary underground club in London that seamlessly weaves together the history of King’s Cross, Bloomsbury, and Camden. Stepping into this whimsical haven, you’ll be transported to a world where botanical concoctions, craft cocktails, and fine libations take center stage.

A Nod to Quackery and Discovery

Delving into the intriguing past of 19th-century quack doctors who embraced groundbreaking discoveries, we draw inspiration from these audacious characters. One such luminary was James Morrison, who, in 1828, founded the ‘British College of Health’ just a stone’s throw away from our establishment. His claim to fame? A universal botanical-based cure for all ailments, ingeniously packaged as pills to be washed down with lemonade.

Modern Alchemy: Distilling Botanical Pleasures

While we no longer claim to hold the secret to health miracles, the spirit of alchemy lives on at HOKUS POKUS. Under the guidance of Greg ‘Doc’ Chudzio, our team expertly crafts potions and elixirs by distilling, infusing, pickling, or even smoking botanicals. The result? A sensory delight that promises to uplift your mood, irrespective of the weather outside.

A Fusion of Eras and Aesthetics

Enter the realm designed by Henry Chebaane, a visionary British artist and designer. His creative prowess has conjured a fantastical space that marries elements of retro-futuristic steampunk with the charm of a 19th-century apothecary. Victorian engineering details, theatrical lighting, and a touch of British esoteric literature come together to create an otherworldly atmosphere that leaves an indelible impression.

An Unconventional Gathering Place

Whether you’re seeking a unique date spot, a friendly meetup, or just a place to unwind, we beckon. A fusion of the extraordinary and the inviting, our bar promises a delightful mix of ambiance, mixology, and hospitality that’s bound to capture your heart.

A Toast to Botanical Indulgence

We believe in indulgence, and our botanical creations are no exception. Sip on our meticulously crafted libations, whether they’re served over a large ice cube or enjoyed at room temperature. Each elixir is a testament to our dedication to flavor and enjoyment, offering a taste of pure pleasure.

A Glimpse of King’s Cross Heritage

As you savor your drink, take a moment to appreciate the roots of our establishment. Anchored in the heritage of King’s Cross, we embrace its location with pride. The fusion of 19th-century apothecary aesthetics and retro-futuristic steampunk elements pays homage to Victorian science, quack medicine, and esoteric literature that have shaped our vision.

Your Invitation Awaits

Whether you’re a connoisseur of mixology or simply someone looking to be captivated by an extraordinary atmosphere, we promise an experience that will leave you enchanted and longing for more.

HOKUS POKUS is more than a bar; it’s an enchanting journey through history, flavor, and imagination. With its unique fusion of eras, meticulous attention to mixology, and a sense of whimsy that permeates every corner, this underground haven is a testament to London’s vibrant and eclectic spirit. Join us at HOKUS POKUS an underground club in London, where botanical wonders await your discovery.