All About Tadiandamol 


Thadiyandamol is that the highest mountain of (Madikeri taluk) Kodagu district, Karnataka, India. it’s the third highest peak in Karnataka(after Mullayyanagiri & Kudremukha). it’s situated Western Ghats vary associated reaches an elevation of one,748 m. The Nalaknad (also referred to as Nalnad – which means four villages) palace at the foothills is a very important historical landmark. it’s an area of interest for trekkers and naturalists. The climb to the highest and back are often completed as every day hike; tenting is illegal since December 2016.

The name Tadiandamol virtually means that the most important base (that = broad, large, huge, and happiness to in Kodava weight unit = hill, base, peak). It loosely means that Tallest Mount, and {also the} name also may translate as Broad Hill. The scenic Western Ghats supply exciting adventures for thrill-seekers UN agency wish to explore the wild aspect. concerning 274 klick from city, the Tadiandamol Peak is that the highest peak. Tadiandamol trekking in Coorg may be a good trek for each domestic and international travelers. A 2-day getaway is good for nature-loving families, couples, backpackers, and company guests. The fifteen klick trek to Tadiandamol is nothing in need of exciting activity.

Once on high, feel the pride as you conquer the very best peak of the destination. This exploit is rewarded with sweeping views of inexperienced forests and low plantations.

The Tadiandamol Trek package includes food, accommodation in tents or dormitories, and transportation from city to city, and guides. the height presents superb opportunities for trekking lovers. Once at the height, tourists square measure offered exciting views of the world around amidst associate exceptionally calm and refreshing atmosphere. the simplest season to go to the height is throughout the months of December to could. And if you’re inquisitive about trekking, the time is to travel throughout the first winter. the height is thirty klick off from Virajpet.

To reach Tadiandamol, one will move non-public vehicle. virtually common fraction of the gap are often coated on a landrover or non-public vehicle. However, to achieve the height needs an honest quantity of trekking which might be burdensome and wearying. within the morning, one will once more begin rising the steep path from the palace that eventually ends up in the height.

Two-day Trip Itinerary for Tadiandamol Trek:

Day 0:

. Leave city at nine.30 pm and develop passengers from four points within the town.

. Reaching destination by five.30 am.

 Day 1:

. On inbound at the bottom camp, bathe and grab a bite to eat.

. move to Nalknad Palace, that is that the start line for the trek.

. The trek to the highest of hill begins at nine am. All the required safety info are going to be provided.

. when reaching the highest, eat lunch.

. come to the bottom by seven.30 pm.

. Freshen up, fancy a balefire and dinner.

Day 2:

. awaken at six.30 am, freshen up, and have breakfast.

. Leave at 9.30 am.

. Visit Chelavara Falls on the method.

. Reach city by seven.30 pm

Things to carry:

  1. scores of water. a minimum of a pair of liters is suggested
  2. Trekking shoes and a torch
  3. garments for 2 days
  4. ointment lotion, moisturizer, and bug repellent
  5. paper
  6. a light-weight jacket or cloak, looking on the season

Safety Measures:

  1. do refer to your doctor if your body is powerful enough to try to to the trek.
  2. make sure to wear trekking shoes or footwear with smart grip. a number of the steep trails create this necessary.
  3. Bring on any personal medication as there might not be access to medical outlets near .
  4. Take rest within the days before the trek because the walking and rising for many hours are going to be wearying.
  5. Wear acceptable consumer goods for trekking.
  6. Follow the directions given by the guide.

Best time to go to

The best season to go to the height is throughout the months of December to could. And if you’re inquisitive about trekking, the time is to travel throughout early winter. the height is thirty klick off from Virajpet.Post monsoon, you may witness the luxurious verdure of the region of Coorg in its full glory. The trek are often extended until the pre-summer season once the foremost a part of the trek contains a mixture of brown and inexperienced. you may have a lot of clearer views compared to the monsoon season.

The summer season is liable to wildfires. thence trekking isn’t allowed and illegal throughout the height of the summer season (April to June)

The region receives serious downfall throughout the monsoon season. If you wish to require this up as a monsoon trek, be prepared with all the proper gear. the problem of the trek additionally will increase if you go throughout the height of monsoon.