A Guide To Understand Floor Grinder Tools

floor grinder tools

What is a concrete floor grinder tool?

A concrete floor grinder tool is used to perform functions like making the surface of the concrete floor smooth, grinding the surface and giving an equal level to the concrete floor. It is also known as finishing tool. The concrete floor grinder tool also helps in removing any kind of surface coating and you can use the same tool for polished concrete floor.

Below we have mention some basics of concrete floor grinder tools, different types and benefits of floor grinder tools.

Components Of Concrete Floor Grinder Tool

The basic components of any concrete floor grinder tools are ahead that rotates in a circular motion and helps in smoothening and leveling of the surface. With the advancement in technology, now most of the concrete floor grinding tools have a diamond blade and it is known “diamond floor grinding”. If you want to install a polished concrete floor then you can use this grinder.

Diamonds Concrete Floor Grinding Tool

It does not have real diamonds in it but synthetic diamonds are used in these concrete floor grinder tools. There different types of power, shape, and size available in diamond grinders. The grit numbers represents the size of the diamond, and different sizes will have different grit numbers. These grit numbers help in determining which type of diamond floor grinder tool you want. Diamond floor grinder tools are used for removing the coatings and polishing of the surface

Bonds In Concrete Floor Grinder Tool

Bonds play an important role in concrete floor grinder. The main job of the bond is to make sure that the diamond is held in its place why grinding. It exposes the diamond in certain way to make sure that the diamond does not break while performing its job. The diamond grit and the bonds can differ, and you need to choose them according to your project.

Types Of Concrete Floor Grinder Tools

There are majorly two types of concrete floor grinder tools which are used as per the job.

Hand-Held Concrete Floor Grinder Tools

As the name suggest, these concrete floor grinder tools are manual and you cannot use walk behind concrete floor grinder tool. This tool is good for areas like corners or tight spaces where only your hands can reach. The grinding tool produces huge quantities of dust which is then removed using a shroud and extraction hose attached to the tool. It is a complicated process and you need to spend more time on manual grinding.

Walk-Behind Concrete Floor Grinder Tools

It is a large concrete floor grinder tool which requires a person to push it around hence the name walk behind concrete floor grinder.This grinder tool helps in covering larger areas and complete the job quickly. There are walk-behind concrete floor grinders tool that require LP, petrol or diesel to run. You do not need to invest your manual effort and you can use this automatic grinder for grinding or polishing your large concrete surface.

Uses Of Concrete Floor Grinder Tools

The various uses of a concrete floor grinder tool are as follows:

  • It helps in removing any type of glue or polish or any material that is very stubborn to remove. You can use such grinding tools to remove the stains from your floor.
  • It levels the uneven concrete surface and makes the floor smooth and shiny
  • These concrete floor grinder tools also help in removing any extra layers of concrete to expose any underlying cracks or to bring out the original concrete layer in order to work on it again.

The concrete floor grinder tool provides with a finish that is as shiny as other stone or ceramic surfaces. You can use such grinding tools for installing polished concrete floor and you can save your cost.