A Beginner’s Checklist To Starting An Instagram Account

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From a bangle seller in Gujarat to the greatest of companies from the Silicon Valley, it seems that almost everyone has become a part of the Instagram world. It not only connects people across the globe, but it has also become one the most used and trusted marketing tools in the marketing arena. 

While people, business and brands have all pivoted towards the force that is instagram, there are still who remain away from it. Instagram and its influence may sometimes seem intimidating, therefore here’s a beginners checklist that will help you in setting up your Instagram account. 

#1- Select and upload your profile image

When you create your account on Instagram, one of the key features is selecting and uploading your profile image. Now, this step may seem too trivial to some, however, if it is a business or creator’s account that you’ve created, then you must make sure that you pay a considerable amount of time on creating, if not picking the right image for your account. 

If you’re a creator or a business and want to make a unique image for your account, there are many applications and websites like Canva that allow you to create a logo or profile image that reflects your niche. 

So the first point in the checklist is to ensure that you create/choose and upload a clear, unique image on your account. 

#2- Write a bio reflecting your niche

This is the next step in the checklist and another point that people take for granted. Writing a good, decent, and crisp bio for your account not only makes you account look more presentable, but it allows your viewers to get a good understanding about what your account has to offer. 

As a movie/books account, you must include it in your bio what your account is all about, this makes your account more approachable and likely to attract people who follow your niche. 

The second point is to write a clean bio for your account. You might think it’s not important, but trust us on this one. 

#3- Don’t forget to choose a category

The last point in this beginners checklist is to choose a category for your account. Instagram allows its creators to choose a category. This category can be almost anything, from a hair stylist to a baker, to an IT sector worker to a fashion model. Therefore, not only is this a way to show the niche you work in, the category also allows you to reach your target audience, and people who follow and create content in your niche. 

The last point in the checklist is to remember to choose a category for your account. 

In conclusion

This piece we covered the basics about starting an Instagram account. In this beginner’s checklist we talked about how you can set up your profile easily and get it ready for your marketing strategy. 

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