7 Possible Custom Software Development Trends in 2021

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2021 is predicted to bring more positivity to the business sector as the pandemic-scare has started to fade away with vaccination drive. The IT industry is the only sector that managed to escape the pandemic even amidst a total economic downfall. Plus, with organizations going digital, every custom software development company has touched new limits as well.

The current and emerging industry trends are reshaping the world constantly, be it the education sector, fashion, banking & finance, or custom software development companies in the UK. Surprisingly, 2020 was the year that led every custom software development company to think out of the box and present top-notch and automated business solutions — the same amount of work with little human interaction.

Experts have already started speculating on the most promising trends in the app development industry; the rest of the possibilities are the next trendsetters in the software development industry.

If you are into custom software development, here are 7 possible custom software development trends in 2021 to look out for:

Native App Development

There is an app available on the Google Play Store for almost everything you need. Native app development is becoming the specialty of every custom software development company these days. Since iOS and Android devices cover most of the global market, it’s an excellent opportunity for a custom software development company in the UK to take the advancing step of offering fast-paced solutions to customers in the form of native apps. Native apps are more secure and deliver excellent quality in contrast to web applications desktop-based software.


Given its numerous benefits, the outsourcing market is rapidly making its way to the top priority among business organizations. Outsourcing is no longer a service availed by brands. Many startups have started to opt for it as they can distribute projects to another vendor and save lots in terms of investment and human resources.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Considered to bring smart solutions to sustainability, IoT is something that’s always going to advance with time. From intelligent wearable devices to automated navigation systems, the next steps to take are possibly the healthcare and banking technologies. Mixed with Artificial Intelligence and big data, IoT is predicted to bring more surprises in the nearing years. The Internet of Things is believed to have just started and will boost the global economy to the optimum level. That’s what a custom software development company the UK should rightly look forward to.

Human Augmentation

Ever wondered how well technology is contributing to humanity? Be it the hearing aid for an individual with hearing impairment or the human prosthetics for war veterans; all is happening in the world of possibilities, thanks to the AI for creating human intelligence and enhancing human abilities. Humans incapable of seeing or speaking can now communicate easily with the help of external devices and implants.

Emerging and Advancing Web Apps

With consumers accessing everything through their smartphones, web apps have slid through the cracks and turned the internet in a whole new direction. Now, every eCommerce website has its web app that serves customers better and gives a broader scope of functionality. Web apps load faster, and users can experience full-fledged wide-screen support based on which they can mark ratings on how web apps are scaling on the standards performance-wise and quality-wise.

Big Data Research and Analysis

With Big data included in academics, the sector shows how crucial its scope is in the coming times. Being among the top trends, Big data assures its significant use through research tools to store market research and calculated analysis. The large market data use will be in demand in both public and private sectors for banking, health & finance, and even in the IT sector.

Dedicated Low-Code Development Environment

Back in the days, programmers had to deal with cumbersome core coding platforms while finding exceptions and errors. Linking took a whole new level of expertise. This wasn’t quite something a medium or low-level business enterprise could afford in terms of time and cost. However, the low-code development trend now simplifies even complex programming languages, providing access to a coding platform that even beginners can work on smoothly.

A WordPress-based site needs few coding concepts from a programmer’s viewpoint, requiring less manual work and simplicity. As a custom software development company UK, neither you nor your organization has to have certifications to build web-based projects within limited resources.

The Final Thoughts

Thanks to the programming languages for being at the forefront of the IT sector. A big thanks to the platforms like .Net, Oracle, and, nonetheless, WordPress. As for the evolving technologies, these will be evolving further and upgrading as per market needs. The global market is dynamically changing and is growing at a pace never imagined before. These are 7 possible custom software development trends in 2021, a custom software development company needs to keep in mind and act smartly.