6 Most Common Delusions About Online Rummy


Rummy is one of the traditional card games that has been played around the world with fun and enthusiasm. It is one such card game in which players are required to use skills and strategies in order to ace the game. Players have to make a combination of valid sets and sequences to declare the hand before their opponents. Despite the fact that rummy is a skill-based game there are some delusions about the game that create misbelief in the mind of the users.

6 Common Delusions about Online Rummy

Read ahead to debunk some of the myths about the online rummy card game

1.   Rummy is a luck-based game

A misbelief about online rummy games is that it’s a game of luck as the winning is based upon chance. However, the truth is that a rummy card game is based on skills and strategies. It’s a skill-based game in which players are required to use mathematical skills, observational skills, analytical skills, decisions- making and logical thinking. In order to win the game players are also required to make strategies. Understanding the game thoroughly and practicing it on a regular basis helps the player in winning the game with ease.

2.   Online Rummy is illegal gameplay

There is a discrepancy about online rummy games that it is illegal to play rummy on online platforms. But, the Hon’ Supreme Court of India in 1968 declared that Rummy is a skill-based game in which players are required to use skills and need to make strategies. Playing rummy card games for cash as well as free on online platforms is 100% legal to play.

3.   Players lose money in the Rummy game

A very common myth about a rummy card game while playing for real cash is that it is considered as losing. Playing online rummy cash games for real money has been considered the game in which players lose money. In reality, if players don’t have an understanding of the game or don’t practice the game then it becomes a reason for losing the game. Online platforms which have accreditations and certifications provide their players with the option of playing practice games or free games. Players can play these games to understand the game properly. Players are always advised to play cash games only when they have played enough practice games before.

4.   Playing online rummy is unsafe

Another common delusion about online rummy card games is that playing it on online platforms is unsafe. It is believed that the data provided by the users to online rummy platforms are not safe. However, in reality, playing a rummy card game on online platforms is safe, as data provided by the users are safe. Platforms such as Rummy Passion provide their users’ safe payment gateway and encrypted transactions with a user-friendly interface. Players can play cash games and free games on online platforms safely and with ease.

5.   Rummy is a waste of time

It is believed that if players play online rummy games, then they waste a lot of time. However, rummy is a fun and engaging card game in which players have to use skills to win the game. By playing rummy card games players can improve their skills and use them to tackle daily life situations. Playing rummy on online platforms is a win-win opportunity for players to improve real-life skills as well as to win real cash and rewards.

6.   Rewards are not real

Another common myth about online rummy card games is that the rewards and cash prizes given in the game are unreal. Players who win rummy games for real cash as well as for practice don’t get rewards. But in reality, winners get the rewards and prizes whether they play practice games or cash games. Platforms such as Rummy Passion give the winners cash bonuses and real cash rewards.


Rummy card game has many delusions but the fact is that it is one such card game that has been popular around the world. It has been played with enthusiasm and fun since time immemorial. Rummy card game is based upon skills and strategies in which players are required to make the best use of their skills in order to win the game. Here we tried to debunk some of the delusions about rummy card games. So, join the tables at India’s Best Rummy App and rummy game download – Rummy Passion and win huge.