Do you believe if anyone says that it is possible to enhance the health and wellness of the body using technology? I will believe this because it is possible as there is a revolution in the medical industry which is made by the PEMF mat. If you don’t know more about the PEMF mat, then here are the things which you should know.

What is a PEMF mat?

A PEMF mat is used in the medical field to start the natural healing process and to enhance the health and growth of the cells. Through this mat, electric current is incorporated via a copper coil which will produce the magnetic field. These kinds of fields travel deep inside the body to stimulate the cells and it will bring other beneficial results to the body. So, the PEMF mat is recommended by most doctors, and also it doesn’t have any side effects. It is considered the safest treatment to practice.


5 things to do with the PEMF mat:

PEMF mat comes with various advantages, and also it is used for various applications. It is easy to use, comfortable to wear, and you can even get a full-body PEMF mat to use. But here are the few things that you can do with the PEMF mat;

1. In the PEMF mat, select the frequency range which is based on the user’s health disorder. Use the PEMF device 3 to 5 times a day, and use it 10 to 15 times. Once you have used the device for particular days, then you can start reducing the number of sessions. This means, that you can have 1 to 2 daily sessions a day.

2. There will be a different level of frequencies, in program 3 you will have 8 Hz of frequency and if you are using the PEMF device for the first time then go for program 3. Program 3 is mostly providing health benefits for any kind of health disorder, and also it will reduce the inflammation in the body.

When it comes to program 2, it consists of frequency that will range from 1Hz to 99Hz, but consult a professional before going for this program.

The last one is program 1, and here you will find frequency levels ranging from 1Hz to 30 Hz. This program is considered the most effective one, and you can use this on a daily basis to enhance the immune system.

3. The next important thing to do with the PEMF mat is that you need to set the correct timing. Make sure that you are scheduling a regular timing, as the irregular or inconsistent timing may lead to achieving ineffective results. So, try to be careful with the timings if you want to achieve the results in a shorter time.

4. If you are using the PEMF in the morning or during the day, then use 12-22 Hz for 7 seconds. If you want to use the device for early evening or want to use it for any relaxation purpose then you can use the frequency that ranges from 8-12 Hz for 7 seconds.

After 7 seconds, you will get a pause in 8 seconds, and then the program will start again. In the PEMF mat, once you have seen the program that you need to have, then click okay to start.

5. Using this device, you can specifically target the particular area, and once the device started operating you will get magnetic fields that will penetrate inside the body and even you can adjust the program when the treatment is going.

Bottom Line:
There are various systems available to improve health, but choosing the PEMF mat will be a great option. The PEMF mat will send short bursts of electromagnetic radiation deep inside the body and it will impact the organ, bones, tissues, and even cells. So, start using the PEMF device to experience amazing results.