4 Reasons Why Do You Need Cloud Storage Services

4 Reasons Why Do You Need Cloud Storage Services
4 Reasons Why Do You Need Cloud Storage Services

Not very long ago, people had no idea of what “Cloud” meant in the perspective of the digital world, and storage and transferring files were still primarily conducted on different social networks or through the usage of storage devices. For the last couple of years, we’ve been gradually moving away from local systems to the cloud for the storage and accessing of our data. Cloud storage has now become one of the most convenient and effective ways to store data online. There are several cloud service providers on the internet, and this area is so huge now that every big organization owns a separate cloud backup service, which helps to generate a noteworthy margin of revenue from the users. In cloud storage services, instead of saving the data at local storage or hard disk, the user can store data anywhere at the remote location, which can be accessed using internet service. There are various cloud storage service providers in Alberta who provide cloud services for different ranges. However, in today’s digital world, cloud storage has proven itself to be the best storage and information exchange solution.

If you are still uncertain about the huge benefits that cloud-based storage provides, here are 4 reasons why cloud storage is a necessity in today’s world.

Benefits Of Cloud Storage System


If anything is linked with the internet, then safety and security turn out to be our primary concern, and like most businesses today use cloud storage services, therefore before choosing a cloud services provider, they ensure that the cloud service which has been delivered also gives them better security. Cloud storage protects your data across the redundant servers, so even though one of the data centers gets distorted, your data will be managed by the other data centers, which makes your data secure and controlled. If all the data centers of the cloud storage provider get collapsed, then it could be possible that your data is lost, However, this is an impossible phenomenon as a cloud storage service is made of thousands of data centers. Some cloud storage vendors save the duplicates of your data at the different data centers, so even though the data get corrupted or lost at the server, the backup must be there.

Usability and accessibility

The cloud services come with a user-friendly interface with a feature of drag and drop. For instance, you can think of Google drive. It contains a simple interface, in which you can easily upload your file on your online drive without any expert knowledge and understanding. If you have uploaded a file in drive using a mobile device, you can retrieve that file using a computer or any other device with the help of internet connectivity. It doesn’t matter where you are located right now, if you have a working internet connection, you can access your files from anywhere or anytime which is stored somewhere in the data centers. Whether you are a freelancer who works from home or someone who works in a traditional office setting, you can benefit from all the cloud advantages and access and exchange data more efficiently. This way, a collaboration between different people in an organization can become more well-organized and effective, leading to a more united workflow and improved overall results.


Unlimited cloud storage is considerably more reasonable than maintaining a lot of hard drive storage space. Hard drive technology is not fixed, and every few months, businesses have to upgrade their drives to the latest versions to take benefit of all the features that they bring. With cloud storage, the only expenditure that you will have to pay for is for the space you require, and cloud providers offer reasonable and affordable deals for their users. For text documents and smartphone files, platforms will allow 2GB of storage space for free that is more than enough for individual data. If your work demands more space, and you want to use the platform on different devices unlimited space offers from providers normally start from $99 per year.

Disaster Recovery

Almost every business has got a backup storage plan where they store all the copies of their data. If they come across any collapse or accidental data loss problem, they can recover data from their backup plan, and that is why cloud storage is the best way to deal with this problem. Cloud storage service offers the best platform for disaster recovery data. Any business can use cloud storage as a data backup solutions, so if there is a data loss, the company can recover data from the cloud.


Cloud services have gained so much popularity in the software industry in the last decade, and now almost every IT company offer enterprise cloud services. Whether it’s a small or big business, everyone needs cloud service to store data. Big businesses are spending a lot in the cloud industry since it owns the potential to modify the entire structure of storage and communication. Tier 3 IT Solutions, an IT company based in Edmonton, provides the best cloud storage services and solutions and assures that all your important data is secure, accessible, and protected.